Welcome to English II with Mrs. Grant

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    This year, we are using the SpringBoard curriculum. 

    This can be accessed on any laptop,computer, or tablet via the students' Launchpad. 

    English II SpringBoard Units:

    1. The Power of Argument-- Developing knowledge of Rhetoric (nonfiction works)

    2. Persuasion in Literature-- Things Fall Apart novel

    3. Voices in Synthesis-- Furthering understanding of Rhetoric (nonfiction works)

    4. Praise, Mock, Mourn-- Focuses on poetry and drama


    Two types of grades will be taken in class (no homework will be given unless work was not finished in class):

    Formative: Small activities, worksheets, grammar practice, etc.

    Summative: Essays, research projects, large multiple-day assignments



    Nine Week Periods:

    1st: 8/12-10/17

    2nd: 10/18-1/9

    3rd: 1/10-3/16

    4th: 3/17-5/24

    *This is a LEAP tested course.  The test will account for an entire grade on the final report card and does affect GPA.  *


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    Welcome to English II, please feel free to contact me at kayla.chesson@cpsb.org. 

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