Welcome to Algebra II Class

  • Mrs. Dugas

                                                                                 quadratic function graph

    class: Fue I and Fuel III

    Focus on ACT preparation. 


    My schedule: 

    1st Hr: 7:48-8:36   Fuel I

    2nd Hr: 8:40-9:28  Fuel I

    3rd Hr: 9:32-10:20 Fuel III

    4th Hr: 10:24-11:12 Fuel I

    5th Hr: 11:15-12:03 Fuel III

    6th Hr:12:39-1:27   PLC

    7th Hr: 1:30-2:18 Fuel III

    8th Hr: 2:21-3:09 Fuel III



    My email: meichu.dugas@cpsb.org

    LaGrange phone number: 337-217-4960