• ACT Test Dates 

    • October 27, registration deadline September 28
    • December 8, registration deadline November 2
    • February 9, registration deadline January 11
    • April 13, registration deadline March 8
    • June 8, registration deadline May3
    • July 13, registration deadline June 14

    *HIGH SCHOOL CODE 191-487

    *TEST CENTER CODE 196-780

    *TOPS CODE 1595

    *NCAA CODE 9999

    REGISTER AT: actstudent.org 

  • All students coming to SHHS for the first time must provide pertinent information to the school in order to enroll. 

    • Parent/Guardian ID
    • Electric Bill - current with service location
    • Other utility- phone, gas, water - current with service location
    • Notarized affidavit if the bills are not in the parents name
    • Copy of birth certificate 
    • Copy of Social Security Card
    • Copy of Judicial Order of Custody if parents are divorced showing the domicilary parent (must be signed by a judge) or copy of foster care placement or adoption

    Please refer to the CPSB's Child Welfare & Attendance Webpage for more information. 

 Counselor's Office



Degrees and Certifications:

Counselor's Office

Janet Allen: Class of 2018, Freshman H-O

Lorna Albers: Class of 2019, Freshman A-G

Charidy Melder: Graduation Coach

Terri Shaw : Class of 2020, Freshman P-Z

Phone: 337 217-4480 

Erika Thibodeaux: Administrative Assistant

Sydney Soileau: Clerk