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This Week's Agenda

  • NOTE: Documents are available on your student's Canvas page.

    Mon 3/27:
    1) Students will work on Bell Ringer 30.1. Discuss.
    2) Complete P92-due tomorrow
    3) Issue P97-Ch 14 Review (workbook pg119) included page # as evidence
    4) Government Blooket if everything is complete
    Tue 3/28:  
    1) Students will work on Bell Ringer 30.2. Discuss.
    2) P92 due-graded
    3) Complete P97-Turn in 
    4) Issue P98-Branches of Government
        a) Light UNWRAP document
        b) Create 1 MC item 
        c) Create 1 technology enhanced item or graphic organizer regarding information
        d) Create 1 CR item
        e) Share
        f) Discuss

    Wed 3/29:
    1) Students will work on Bell Ringer 30.3. Discuss.
    2) Issue P99-Ch 4 Review (wkbk p39) (work on little each day-due Thursday)
    3) Issue P100a,b-Levels of Government (Local Government PPt on back)
        a) Fill in circle map in one color
        b) Share
        c) Discuss & correct answers in another color
    4) Discuss Local Government (on back of 100a)
    5) Work on P99

    Thur 3/30:
    1) Students will work on Bell Ringer 30.4. Discuss.
    2) Issue P101-Bill to Law
        a) Discuss & number boxes (some will have same # due to options)
        b) Answer scenarios on back
        c) Share
        d) Discuss
    3) Work on P99

    Fri 3/31:
    We will:
    1) Students will work on Bell Ringer 30.5. Discuss.
    2) Issue P102-Tic-Tax-Knows 
        a) Activity
        b) Share
        c) Discuss
    3) Complete 99 (turn in)
    4) Discuss difference between a Right and a Responsibility
    5) Issue P103-Right or Responsibility? (wkbk p37)
        a) 5 minutes to complete
        b) Share
        c) Discuss