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This Week's Agenda

  • NOTE: Documents are available on your student's Canvas page.

    Mon 11/28:
    1) Students will work on Bell Ringer 15.6. Discuss.
    2) Issue P48-Bernando de Galvez & Go Get ‘Em Galvez
        a) Predict the text using context clues, pictures, captions & prior knowledge
        b) Answer DBQs
    3) Complete P48A 
    Tue 11/29:  
    1) Students will work on Bell Ringer 15.7. Discuss.
    2) P48A due
    3) Issue P49-Miro and the Great Fire
        a) Light UNWRAP-front
        b) Identify & explain which Spanish governor of Louisiana had the greatest impact on the development of Louisiana 
            for EACH factor:  economically, socially, and politically. Can be different governors for each factor.  Support your 
    4) Work on P42-due Friday, test Friday

    Wed 11/30:
    1) Students will work on Bell Ringer 15.8. Discuss.
    2) P49 due
    3) Issue P50-Carondelet: Best for Last?
        a) Light UNWRAP w/beyond the text question/paragraph
        b) Answer DBQs
    4) Look over Bell Ringer Weeks 14 & 15
    5) Work on P42 

    Thur 12/1: SUB
    1) Students will work on Bell Ringer 15.9 & 10. Discuss.
    2) Complete P42-due tomorrow, test tomorrow
    3) Issue P51-French vs Spanish LA
        a) UNWRAP
        b) Create a venn diagram of information from document
    4) Issue P52-People of Spanish LA
         a) Identify contributions of the people of Spanish LA
    5) Create DBQs from P51 document (write neatly)-on the back of venn diagram or loose-leaf paper
          *One Multiple Choice
          *One Multiple Select
          *One Technology Enhanced or one Constructed Response Question
          1. Do not answer questions
          2. Leave room for answers between questions
          3. Exchange with a peer to answer each other’s questions
          4. Switch back & assess (grade on the paper & correct)
          5. Switch to let them know how they did (see grade & corrections)
    6) Study P42 on your own

    Fri 12/2:
    1) Students will work on Bell Ringer 15.11 & 12. Discuss.
    2) P42 due
    3) Spanish LA Vocabulary Test (P42)
    4) Complete & Discuss P51
    5) Complete P52 
    6) Blooket-Spanish LA (if time permits)