Mr. Foshee's 8th Grade Math Class

  • Week of 1/24-1/28

    Monday- Functions Review & Recap

    Tuesday- Functions Review & Recap

    Wednesday- Functions Review & Recap

    Thursday- Functions Review & Recap

    Friday- Topic 7- Functions Quiz


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  • Week of 1/17-1/21

    Monday- NO SCHOOL- Martin Luther King Jr Day

    Tuesday- Topic 7 Blocks 4 and 5

    Wednesday- Topic 7 Blocks 6 and 7

    Thursday- Topic 7 Practice and Quiz Review

    Friday- Topic 7- Quiz




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  • Week of 1/10-1/14

    Monday- 8th Grade Math Cumulutive Review Packet

    Tuesday- LEAP Interim Testing

    Wednesday- LEAP Interim Testing

    Thursday- LEAP Interim Testing- Make Ups

    Friday- Topic 7- Blocks 4, 5, and 6 Wrap Up




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  • Week of 1/3-1/7

    Monday- Teacher Inservice- No school

    Tuesday- Topic 7 Linear Patterns and Functions- Block 1 Overview

    Wednesday- Topic 7- Block 2 Painting a Tower

    Thursday- Topic 7- Block 3 Generalizing the Pattern

    Friday- Topic 7- Block 4 Generalizng the Pattern




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  • Christmas and New Year Break





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  • Week of 12/13-12/17

    Monday- 1st Semester Recap- Transformations- Reflections and Translations

    Tuesday- 1st Semester Recap- Transformations- Rotations

    Wednesday- 1st Semester Recap- Exponent Laws & Scientific Notation

    Thursday- 1st Semester Recap- Pythagorean Theorem

    Friday- 1st Semester Recap- Analyzing and Exploring Graphs


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  • Week of 12/6-12/10

    This week we will be concluding Topic 6- Exploring Rate of Change

    Monday- Block 5- What's My Rate?

    Tuesday- Block 6- What's My Rate? Continued

    Wednesday-Block 7- Quiz

    Thursday- Introduction to Topic 7- Linear Patterns and Functions

    Friday- Topic 7- Block 1 Overview


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     Week of 11/29-12/3

    Monday- We will be starting Topic 6- Exploring Rate of Change- Block 1- Overview

    Tuesday- Block 2- Match the Graph

    Wednesday-Block 3- More Graph Matching

    Thursday- Block 4- Elevator Graphs

    Friday- Block 5- What's my Rate?




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  • Week of 11/22-11/26


    Happy Thanksgiving!

    No school this week.

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  • Week of 11/15-11/19

    We will be starting Topic 5- Analyzing Graphs

    Monday- Topic 5 Overview and Block 1

    Tuesday- Topic 5 Block 2 and 3

    Wednesday- Topic 5- Block 4

    Thursday- Topic 5- Block 5 and 6

    Friday- Topic 5- Block 7- Quiz

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  • Week of 11/8-11/12

    We will be concluding Topic 4- Pythagorean Theorem this week.

    Monday- Topic 4- Block 6- Finding Distance using the Pythagorean Theorem

    Tuesday- Topic 4- Quiz

    Wednesday- Topic 5- Analyzing Graphs- Introduction

    Thursday- Veteran's Day- No school

    Friday- Topic 5- Analyzing Graphs- Blocks 1 and 2

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  • Week of 11/1-11/5

    We will be continuing Topic 4- Pythagorean Theorem this week.

    Monday- Topic 4- Block 2 Pracitce

    Wednesday- Topic 4- Block 3

    Thursday- Topic 4- Block 4, Converse

    Friday- Topic 4- Block 5, Application

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  • Week of 10/25-10/29

    We will be starting Topic 4- Pythagorean Theorme this week.

    Monday- Topic 3 Exponents and Scientific Notation Quiz- Review

    Tuesday- Topic 3 Exponents and Scientific Notation Quiz

    Wednesday- Block 1- Understanding the Pythagorean Theorem

    Thursday- Block 2- Understanding the Pythagorean Theorem

    Friday- Block 3- Explain a proof of the Pythagorean Theorem

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  • Week of 10/18-10/22

    We will be concluding Agile Mind Topic 3- Exponents and Scientific Notation

    Monday- Teacher's Inservice- NO SCHOOL

    Tuesday- Block 6- More Scientific Notation

    Wednesday- Block 7- Solving Problems using Scientific Notation

    Thursday- Continue Practicing Scientific Notation.

    Friday- Quiz moved to next week. Start Topic 3 review packet.

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  • Week of 10/11-10/15

    We will continue Agile Mind Topic 3- Exponents and Scientific Notation

    Monday- FALL BREAK

    Tuesday- FALL BREAK

    Wednesday- Block 4 continued- The Division Law plus a complete Exponent Law Recap

    Thursday- Block 5- Scientific Notation

    Friday- Block 6- Scientific Notation

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  • Week of 10/4-10/8

    We are starting Agile Mind Topic 3- Exponents and Scientific Notation

    Monday- Block 1- Special Exponents

    Tuesday- Block 2- The Mulitplication Law

    Wednesday- Block 3- Other Exponent Laws

    Thursday- Block 4- The Division Law

    Friday- Block 5- Scientific Notation

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  • Week of 9/27-10/1

    We will be wrapping up Topic 1- Geometric Transformations this week.

    Monday- Block 9 and 10

    Tuesday- Block 11- Summary, Whole Topic Recap and Review

    Wednesday- Topic 1 Quiz

    Thursday- Quiz Results- Review missed Problems

    Friday- Introduction to Topic 3- Law of Exponents and Scientific Notation

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  • Week of 9/20-9/24

    We will be continuing are journey through Topic 1 in Agile Mind. We have added the digital component to our classwork and homework. Your student can log on to Agile Mind through their CPSB Launchpad site. The assignments are located under the My Agile Mind tab on the Agile Mind website.


    Monday- Topic 1, Block 4- Translations

    Tuesday- Topic 1, Block 5- Translations

    Wednesday- Topic 1, Block 6- Rotations

    Thursday- Half Day- Sam Houston Homecoming Parade

    Friday- Topic 1- Block 7- Dilations

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  • UPDATE!!! All assignments can be completed through the Agile Mind website. Your student can access Agile Mind through their CPSB Launchpad site.

     Stay safe!

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  • Week of 9/13-/9/17

    We did a brief overview of TOPIC 1- Geometric Transformations on Friday. We will continue this topic for the next few weeks. This is in the Student Workbook starting on page 1.

    Also, there is a grade recovery SQUARE ROOT worksheet that was sent home Friday, 9/10. It is due Monday 9/13.

    Monday- NO SCHOOL

    Tuesday- NO SCHOOL

    Wednesday- Block 2- Reflections

    Thursday- Block 3-Reflections

    Friday- Block 4- Translations AND Weekly Recap


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  • Week of 9/6-9/10


    We will do our final wrap up of Topic 2 Real Numbers this week AND begin Topic 1 Transformational Geometry.

    Monday- Labor Day, no school

    Tuesday- Review for Topic 2 Test

    Wednesday- Topic 2 Test- Digital Format

    Thursday- Begin Topic 1 Transformational Geometry- Block 1

    Friday- Topic 1 Transformational Geometry- Block 2

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  • Week of 8/30-9/3


    No school Monday due to potential weather issues.

    When school resumes, we will be wrapping up Agile Mind Topic 2 Real Numbers. We will be covering CUBED ROOT, then we will review the entire chapter(Topic 2) and have a test this week.


    Your students have been issued a Student Workbook, this will contain class notes as well as assignments they need to finish at home.

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  • Week of 8/23-8/27

    Continuing our journey through Agile Mind Topic 2- Real Numbers

    As we recap last weeks lessons- Categorizing Numbers, Converting Decimals to Fractions, and Fractions to Decimals- we will continue blocks 3-8 as we review and discuss SQUARE ROOTS, CUBE ROOTS, IRRATIONAL NUMBERS, and GRAPH ORDERED PAIRS.

    Your students have been issued a Student Workbook, this will contain class notes as well as assignments they need to finish at home.

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  •  Week of 8/16-8/20

    This week we will still be taking care of some housekeeping/homeroom business. PLEASE sign your students paperwork and return it to homeroom ASAP.

    By the middle of the week we will be starting our curriculuum.

    Monday & Tuesday- Homeroom and Beginning of the Year Activities

    Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday- Agile Mind Topic 2, Real Numbers- Block 1, 2, and 3.


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