Weekly Agenda for the week of January 30

  • Monday: Review and Quiz for "Allegory of the Cave"

    Tuesday: Lesson 9 "Story Truth and Happening Truth"

    Wednesday and Thursday Lesson 10-11 Narrative Point of View

    Friday: iReady/AR 


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  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1RWOpQXTltA

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  • Allegory of the Cave

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  • Monday-Thursday: Lessons 5-8 of the 3rd unit "The Tell Tale Heart"

    Students will read Plato's "Allegory of the Cave" and use the text to find incidences of "perception", "truth" and "reality" and relate these to the text and other texts in the unit

    Friday: Section Quiz/ iReady

    Please continue to read AR. It's due March 9.

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  • This week we will continue to read and finish Nothing But the Truth  by Avi.

    After each daily reading assignment, we will discuss how unit terms such "truth", "perception" and "reality" relate to events of the novel

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  • https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLhZsz8uBr6V5aMozQ_jPybtavzl2PqIZw

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  • Please continue to read AR. AR for the 3rd Quarter is due March 9, 2023. The goal for all students is 14 points.

    Tuesday: Practice LEAP Test.

    Wednesday-Friday: Culminating Writing Task

    We find relevent evidence, then draft and finally edit and refine and produce a final draft.

    Monday, January 9: Sugar Cold Read Multiple Choice Questions

    Tuesday, January 10: Introduce new unit; Begin reading the unit novel as a class via audiobook.

    Wednesday-Friday: Read audiobook 30 minutes a day then, Lessons dealing with "The Allegory of the Cave"

    Resources for Culminating  Writing Task:



    Student Copy of Culminating Writing Task



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  • Sugar Cold Read Task Practice

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  • https://youtu.be/xm9LmAVVCms

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  • Monday: SLT Pre and Post Quizzes; iReady

    Tuesday: No School

    Wednesday and Thursday: Lessons 5-8 of Sugar

    Friday: No Sugar


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  • Student Examples

    Extension Task Instructions

    Cumulative Writing Task

    Cumulative Writing Task Examples

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  • Monday: Deduce the theme of "Flowers for Algernon" Lesson 25

    Tuesday: Compare Charlie and Dr. Frankensein's Monster Lesson 26

    Wednesday: Compare the structure of "Flowers for Algernon" to Chapter 13 of Frankenstein Lesson 27

    Thursday: Prepare for a Socratic Seminar Lesson 28

    Friday: Socratic Seminar Lesson 29


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  • Monday: Compare the Structure of both "Flowers for Algernon" and the Chapter 4 excerpt of Frankenstein. Lesson 20

    Tuesday: Quiz over Lessons 16-20; Lesson 21 write a progress report from the perspective of another character

    Wednesday: Lesson 22 and 23 Practice Cold Read Quiz. 5 multiple choice questions and one constructed response

    Thursday:Lesson 24 and 25 Complete Flowers for Algernon and deduce a theme of the text

    Friday:Lesson 26: Compare Charlie to Frankenstein's Monster and Compare structure of Chapter 13 of Frankenstein to Flowers for Algernon

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  • Monday: Quiz over Lessons 11-15 LearnZillion

    Tuesday: Lesson 16 Analyze Character Development in Flowers for Algernon

    Wednesday: Summarize Frankenstein Lesson 17

    Thursday: Lesson 18 Understanding Frankenstein's motivations

    Friday: Lesson 19: Analyze Language to Understand Tone and Meaning




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  • Monday: No school

    Tuesday: Lesson 11: Flowers for Algernon Progress Report 4-8. Examining how Charlie changed after surgery

    Wednesday: Lesson 12: What is intelligence?

    Thursday: Lesson 13: How does structure impact plot and character development?

    Friday: There will be a sub due to drill. There will be a writing  assignment or iReady work to do.



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  • Monday: Lesson 9 Apply knowledge from the "Inkblot" article to "Flowers for Algernon"

    Tuesday: Lesson 10 Revise a written response to a claim from a literary text

    Wednesday: Quiz over Lessons 5-10. Review during the 1st half/ quiz in the 2nd half

    Thursday: Lesson 11: How has Charlie changed?

    Friday: Lesson 12: What is intelligence?



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  • If you are not here for the quiz, it is your responsibility to make it up before school or after school by August 29, 2022

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  • Monday: Review and  take Learn Zillion Quiz over Lessons 1-4 of the "Flowers for Algernon" Unit


    Tuesday: District Pre-Test; Check Notes and Class Assignments for a Formative Grade: Completion

    only. Return Section 1 Quiz: Summative grade


    Wednesday: Lesson 5 "Flowers for Algernon"


    Thursday: Lesson 6 "Flowers for Algernon"


    Friday: Lesson 7 "Flowers for Algernon"

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  • August 12: 

    Introduction to the course. Class discussion to gauge student ideas about Unit 1: Flowers for Algernon

    August 15: Lesson One: The Story of Prometheus. Discussion. Summary Template.

    August 16:Lesson Two: Looking at sentences and paraphrasing....vocabulary and discussion. Work with verbals

    August 17-19: Examination of how tone and diction reveal information about characters and affect understanding

    All of these activites come from "Flowers for Algernon" Lessons from Learn Zillion; Lessons 1-3 








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