• We are presently studying the third unit of Amplify Science, Matter and Energy in Ecosystems. Students need to study the vocabulary in the back of their Investigation Notebook, the Key Concepts for each lesson, and any notes completed in class. 

    Progress Reports were issued on 12/7/21.

    • Students can redo any assignments lower than a B and the grades will be averaged together for a new grade.
    • If there is an "X" for the grade, then the student has not completed that assignment. It can still be completed.
    • If there is an "E", then the student was not enrolled at the time we completed that assignment and no transfer grades from the previous school have been sent to this school. 

    If your student is not understanding the material/concept, then please tell your child to speak with Mrs. Gothrup and have her pull him/her during PE RTI Pullout to reteach the concept. 

    If a student is absent, then he or she needs to check the assignments posted in CANVAS and complete them in AMPLIFY Science online. The student should email Mrs. Gothrup if he/she has any questions. Mrs. Gothrup checks her emails before school, during 4th & 8th Hours, and after school. 

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