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        Enrichment Class Daily Assignments-  

          6th, 7th, 8th grades

         September 25th - 29th

                                                I can film basic videography shots correctly to identify each.

    I can use video composition rules to create shots.

    I can use iMovie to collect video shots to create a Production !!!!!



     Bell Ringer

    Pause first!  Evaluate your filming progress. Work on Persuasive Ad

    Work on both or either to complete.




    Bell Ringer

    Another Creating Graphics lesson! 

    Film, edit, or create graphics for your group production! 




    Bell Ringer 

    Film, edit, or create graphics for your group production!  Complete Persuasive Ad




    Bell Ringer 

    Begin Presentations of Group Productions.



    Continue Presentations.



  • Monday through Thursday:

    • Storyboarding
    • Videography Techniques Lesson / Activities
    • Working on each Production Stage
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