Welcome to Math Lab class!!

  • Dear Parents / Guardians,

    I am pleased to have your child in my Math Lab this year. This is an additional math support class designed to strengthen your child's skills and understanding of math. Since the regular math teacher will utilize the Eureka Math Squared curriculum, my class will incorporate the Eureka Math Squared Equip component of that same curriculum. This portion is designed to correlate and supplement the math program being taught in your child's class.

    In addition, one of the other resources which will be used is iReady Math. This program is driven by student data and fosters student ownership of learning and growth. This data will provide insight into student strengths and areas for targeted instruction to support learners.The goal is to put your child on a pathway towards improved math proficiency levels. 

    Most work will be completed in class and will align with the regular math class. Each student will be provided with a folder and earphones to use in my class. I look forward to assisting your child, as they take part in these engaging lessons. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at debi.bourque@cpsb.org



    Module 1: 

    Topic A: Ratios

    Topic B: Collections of Equivalent Ratios

    Topic C: Comparing Ratio Relationships

    Topic D: Rates

    Topic E: Percents


    Module 3:  Rational Numbers

    Topic A 

    Lesson 1 Positive/Negative Number Practice Wkbk pgs. 15-18

    Lesson 2 Integers                                            Wkbk pgs. 25-28

    Lesson 3 Rational Numbers                            Wkbk pgs. 37-40

    Lesson 4 Real World Situations                      Wkbk pgs. 49-52

    Complete all A/B Sprints                                 Wkbk pgs. 256-274

    Study for Topic A Assessment