• March 14, 2022 Teacher In-service/No school for students 



    Students check student progress center and Moss Bluff Middle website for past and current assignments. These students stay in my class throughout the year. Daily checks are made of agenda completion and assignment completion.


    Enrichment 1/13-28/2022

    New Enrichment classes go over classroom rules and procedures.

    Decorate Folders

    Keyboarding Finger Placement

    Keyboarding Characters

    Keyboarding Technique

    Keyboarding Word Search

    Homerow Keyboarding Practice www.typingclub.com

    Word Document of Classroom rules and procedures

    History of Cell Phones WebQuest

    All About Me PowerPoint


    Mardi Gras Holidays Feb. 28-March 5

    February 2-March 5

    Groundhog Day Webquest

    Valentine's Day Webquest

    Let's Make Chocolate

    Valentine's Day Word Search

    Writing a Resume

    Choosing a Career

    Dream Job PowerPoint


    March 7-11

    Dream House





    March 14 Teacher In-service/No school for students

    March 15 Lesson 40 This week students will continue designing their "Dream House" either through Paint 3D, PowerPoint, or Minecraft Education. Students may also use class time to make up any incomplete work.

    March 16 Lesson 41 

    March17 Lesson42-43 Dream House Design due.

    March 18 Lesson 44-45



    Students keep work in a folder.

    Table of Contents

    1. Laptop Keyboard Labeling

    2.Laptop keyboard Coloring

    3. Keyboarding Word Search

    4. Keyboarding Technique

    5. The History of Cell Phones

    6. Keyboarding Characters

    7. Classroom Rules Word Document/WordArt

    8. Typing Jungle Lessons 1-17

    9.Groundhog Day Webquest

    10.Typing Jungle- Lessons 18-25

    11-12.Valentine's Day Webquest

    13-14. Let's Make Chocolate

    15. Valentine's Day Word Search

    16.-17. Choosing a Career

    18. My Education/Experience

    19. Desert Racer 

    20. Typing Jungle 17-29

    21. My Accomplishments/Achievements

    22. Dream Job PowerPoint

    23. Learning about Leap Year

    24. What's the deal with Leap Year?

    25. Typing Jungle

    26. Design a Dream House