• Mrs. Bourque's Enrichment/Enrichment A-RTI Classes

    Welcome to Class!! So excited for our classes this year.

    Monday-Classroom procedures/Beginning of the school year information

    Tuesday-Goals/Beginning of the year word search

    Wednesday-Compose "Honest Letter"

    Thursday-Complete/Discuss "Honest Letter"

    Friday-Use goals to make outline and begin "Future Letter"


    Enrichment Classes

    Monday 8/23- Friday 8/27

    Students will work with partners to create a blueprint of a Water Park. Students work alone or in groups to create a rough sketch using grid paper to plot the entrances of 18 water park attractions. A legend will be created and ordered pairs representing the attraction entrances will be used to locate each entrance. Once the rough sketch is completed, the design will be completed with larger grid paper. A scale will be used to indicate the actual measurements of each attraction.  



    RTI Enrichment Classes

    Monday-Friday 8/23-8/27

    Each day student agendas will be checked to see that all class information/homework/upcoming tests are written. This will be graded at the end of the week. Multiplication cookie cutters and multiplication practice worksheets will be worked on during the week. Students may work on homework and study for tests, as well. 


    No School Monday, August 30, 2021   Weather Closure


    Enrichment Classes

     Aug 31- September 1

    Water Park Blueprint Design- Completion of Hand-out will be Tuesday at the end of class. The due date for the rough draft sketch will be extended until Wednesday, September 1, 2021 due to no school on Monday.

    September 2-3 

    Begin work on the final blueprint of Water Park in which 18 attractions are drawn to scale with a legend showing their location.


    RTI Classes

    Students will have their agendas, cookie catchers, and folders checked for a grade this week. Students are assisted with homework and study for tests, as needed in this class.

    In addition, each grade level will work on the folllowing skill...tud

    6th grade will work on order of operations.

    7th grade will work on ratios.

    8th grade will work on squares.


    No School September 6, 2021 Labor Day

    September 7-10, 2021 

    Enrichment Classes

    Students are to receive their initial blueprint of a water park. If completed correctly, students will sketch their final drafts using a large coordinate with ordered pairs to show locations and a scale to indicate size of attractions and distances. 


    RTI Classes

    Students work on given assistance on skills needed in their other core classes.

    6th grade- will do additional work on order of operations, exponents, multiplication facts

    7th grade-will do additional work on decimals.

    8th grade- will work on integers.


    September 13-14, 2021 No School due to weather.

    September 15-17, 2021


    Students completed a scale drawing of a water park or a coordinate grid assignment- due Friday 9/17. Upon completion of that activity, a keyboarding labeling/color coding and word search are to be completed.


    RTI: Students work on skills needed to be successful in their core classes.

    6th grade-additional practice on long division.

    7th grade- additional practice on multiplying decimals.

    8th grade- order of operations with integers.


    September 20-24, 2021 

     September 23, 2021 will be half day due to SHHS Homecoming Parade


    Keyboarding Word Search

    Finger placement hand-out

    Keyboarding Crossword puzzle

    Typing Club lessons 1-23 on homerow. Students will re-do lessons that are less than 86% accuracy.


    RTI: Students work on necessttice on order of operations.

    7th grade will do additional practice on dividing decimals.

    8th grade will do additional practice on subtraction, multiplying and dividing integers


    September 27-October 1

    Enrichment-Students will practice on homerow to be able to be tested on these letters.

    *Keyboard character sheet

    *Keyboarding technique sheet

    *www.typingclub.com, www.typing.com, www.freetypinggames.net Praractice homerow increasing accuracy and speed

    *Homerow practice sheets

    *Sentence completion

    RTI-Students will work on skills needed in their core classes.

    *6th grade-graph division worksheet, improper fractions, greatest common denominator

    *7th grade-all operations using integers

    *8th grade-all opertions using integer, exponents


    October 4-8, 2021

    Enrichment-Students will complete daily bell ringer lessons on www.typing.com

    • Sentence Completion
    • Formatting Praactice
    • Writing Bug
    • Mystery Graph 

    RTI- Students will practice basic skills and complette homework/study for tests.

    • 6th grade- multiplication facts, long division, greatest common factor. 
    • 7th grade- multiplication facts, adding,subtracting, multiplying, and dividing integers.
    • 8th grade- all operations with integers.


    October 11-12, 2021 School Holiday

    October 13-19, 2021 

    October 19, 2021

    Enrichment-Bell Ringer: www.typing.com Do not sign in but rather click on "students" at the top right and click typing lessons from drop down menu. Practice home row and top row keys

    • Writing Bug
    • Beetle Girl Graph
    • Re-create vacation area in paint or Minecraft.
    1. 1st hr will report to Mrs. Cherdel (French).
    2. 2nd hr will report to Mrs. Daniel (Creative Arts).
    3. 3rd hr will report to Mrs. Best (Art).
    4. 8th hr will report to Mrs. Daniel (Creative Arts).

    Classes rotate to a different enrichment  at the beginning of the 9 weeks. Homerooms do NOT change.


    RTI; 6th grade-Subtraction Hidden Picture Puzzle, GCF, LCM

            7th/8th grade-All operations with integers.

            Homework help/study


    October 20- November 5, 2021

    Enrichment  Bell Ringers: Lessons 1-10 typing practice

    • Placement Test-speed and accuracy 
    • Internet Quiz
    • Keyboard Finger Placement
    • Keyboarding Technique
    • Keyboarding Character
    • Keyboarding Word Search
    • What makes me tick?
    • BioPoem
    • Autobiography Power Point

    RTI- Students may do homework, prepare for tests using brainpop, Aleks, Agile Mind, Quill or notes from class.

            Special emphasis on proportional relationships in graphs, tables, and equations

            Percents, fractions, and decimals