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  • Welcome to my 8th grade ELA page. Here, I'll provide information about what we do in class:

    What we are working on this week:

    Monday-Finish Section 5 Quiz. Complete Mastery Checks for Lessons 15-17. 

    Tuesday- Lessons 19 & 20: Students will proofread and edit a sample essay.

    Wednesday- Lesson 23: Students will continue reading chapter 4 (pages 108-126) with a partner and summarize the text.

    Thursday- Students will finish reading chapter 4 and finish up the mastery check. 

    Friday- Begin working on the Culminating Writing Task

    Homework- Quill

    Previous Weekly Lesson Plans:

    Week of 1/3 to 1/7

    Monday-No school

    Tuesday- Lesson 15

    Wednesday- Lesson 16

    Thursday- Lesson 17

    Friday- Lesson 18

    Week of 12/13-12/17

    Monday-Students will begin working on the Extension Task as they complete Module 4.

    Tuesday- Extension Task: Students will create a multimedia presentation on the influence of sugar on our lives.

    Wednesday- Extension Task: Students will present their multimedia projects to the class.

    Thursday- Students will begin the research process. They will gather sources and jot down information using Cornell notes. They will begin their rough drafts.

    Friday- Students will peer edit their partners' papers. They will then revise and edit a final draft their essay and submit it to the digital Turn-In Bin. 

    Week of 12/6-12/10

    Monday- Lesson 12:Summarizing an Informational Text and Analyzing How Tensions in the Text Contribute to the Central Idea

    Tuesday- Lesson 13: Analyzing the Development of a Central Idea over the Course of an Informational Text

    Wednesday- Lesson 14: Evaluating the Authors’ Claims in an Informational Text

    Thursday- Review Section 4

    Friday- Section 4 Quiz

    Week of 11/29

    Monday- Part One Overview

    Tuesday- Lesson 9: Begin reading Part Two

    Wednesday- Lesson 10: Continue reading Part Two

    Thursday- Lesson 11: Analyzing Author's Purpose and Central Idea

    Friday- Part Two Overview/ Sections 2 and 3 Quiz 

    Week of November 15th-19th

    Monday- Lesson 4: Students discuss how personification, symbolism, and tone contribute to the theme in “Sugar Cane.” 

    Tuesday- Section 1 Review and Quiz: This quiz assesses students’ retention of knowledge based on what was taught and read in this section of the Guidebook unit Sugar.

    Wednesday- Lesson 5:Students read the prologue of Sugar Changed the World and annotate using sticky notes. Students analyze how the authors make connections among individuals, ideas, and events in history and determine the author’s purpose for writing the text.

    Thursday- Lesson 6: Students begin to read Part One of Sugar Changed the World and use a timeline to summarize the history of sugar

    Friday- Lesson 7: Students finish reading Part One of Sugar Changed the World and continue using a timeline to summarize the history of sugar. Students do a close reading to analyze the structure of a paragraph and its role in developing a key concept.

    Week of November 8th to 12th:

    Monday- Lesson 1 (Summarizing a Poem)

    Tuesday- Lesson 2 (Analyzing Symbolism and Personification in a Poem)

    Wednesday- Lesson 3 (Analyzing Tone in Poetry and Painting)

    Thursday- No school!

    Friday- Lesson 4 (Determining Theme)


    Week of October 25th to 29th:

    Week of October 18th to 22nd:

    • Monday- No school. Teacher In-Service
    • Tuesday- Lesson 28: Prepare for a Socratic Seminar
    • Wednesday- Lesson 29: Conduct a Socratic Seminar
    • Thursday- Lesson 30: Identifying Claim and Evidence for Culminating Writing Task
    • Friday- Lesson 31: Writing First Draft of Culminating Writing Task

     Week of October 11th to October 15th:

    • Monday- No school. Fall Break!
    • Tuesday- No school. Fall Break! 
    • Wednesday-Unit 2 Cold Read Pretest  
    • Thursday- Lesson 26: Compare Charlie to the Monster in Frankenstein
    • Friday- Lesson 27: Compare and Contrast the Structures of “Flowers for Algernon” and Frankenstein

     Week of October 4th to October 8th:

    • Monday- Lesson 21Write a New Progress Report  
    • Tuesday- Lesson 22: Practice Cold-Read Task, Multiple-Choice Questions  
    • Wednesday-Lesson 23: Practice Cold-Read Task, Essay Response   
    • Thursday- Lesson 24: Finish Reading “Flowers for Algernon” 
    • Friday- Lesson 25: Understand a Theme in “Flowers for Algernon” 

     Week of September 27th to October 1st:

    • Monday- Lesson 17: Summarize Frankenstein 
    • Tuesday- Lesson 18: Determine Dr. Frankenstein’s Motivations 
    • Wednesday-Lesson 19: Analyze Language to Determine Tone and Meaning  
    • Thursday- Lesson 20: Compare the Structure of Two Texts 
    • Friday- Flowers for Algernon Section 5 Quiz 


    Week of September 20th to September 24th:

    • MondayLesson 13: How Structure Impacts Character and Plot Development 
    • TuesdayLesson 14: Impact of Irony on Character Development 
    • Wednesday-Lesson 15: Conduct a Socratic Seminar 
    • Thursday- Flowers for Algernon Section 4 Quiz  
    • Friday- Lesson 16: Analyze Character Development and Irony in “Flowers for Algernon” 


    Week of September 13th to September 17th:

    • Monday- Bad weather day! No school
    • Tuesday- No school
    • Wednesday-Sections 2 & 3 Quiz. Issue tech jobs for power point project. 
    • Thursday- Students will complete Lesson 11.
    • Friday- Students will complete Lessons 12 & 13. 

    Reminder: I do not assign homework. I want them to go home and relax, play, and socialize with friends and family. 


    Week of September 6th to September 10th:

    • Monday- Labor Day! No School
    • Tuesday- Students will finish Lesson 8. They will analyze an argument and create a thesis statement. 
    • Wednesday- Students will complete Lesson 9. They will create a new thesis statement for "Flowers for Algernon" to prepare for their end of unit argumentative essay. They will complete a written response supporting their thesis statement. 
    • Thursday- Students will complete Lesson 10. They will revise their written responses by adding transition words and addressing a counterclaim.   
    • Friday- Students will complete their independent jobs and review Sections 2 and 3 (Lessons 5-10). 

    do not assign homework. I want them to go home and relax, play, and socialize with friends and family. 



  • Please be sure to complete and sign all paperwork that was sent home with your child. Please remember that all fees can be paid online. Please find the link on our MBMS webpage. 


    Also, please sign up for my Remind. Directions are on the green paper that your child received on the first day of school. 

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