• Mon--Finish Lesson 11 (Section 3); update timeline

    Tues--Open note quiz; Begin Section 4 Lesson 12

    Wed--Lesson 13

    Thurs and Fri--IReady diagnostic; finish reading Part 3 (pg 92-end of chapter)


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  • Monday--We will review Lessons 6 and 7

    Tuesday--We will make a timeline of events covered in Sugar changed the World; Lesson 9

    Wednesday-Read Part II. Finish Lesson 9-Unit 2 Section 3

    Thursday--Continue Part II; Lesson 10

    Friday--Lesson 11-continue with Section 3;iReady lesson

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  • Mon-Review Section 1

    Tues-Begin reading Sugar Changed the World; start timeline

    Wed-Continue Unit 2 Section 2

    Thurs-Reading and answering questions in reading log

    Fri--Finish section; iReady

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  • Mon-Intro to Unit 2

    Wed-Read, summarize, and answer questions about poem "Sugar Cane"

    Thurs-Continue work on Section 1; answering reading log questions

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  • This week we will be writing the Unit 1 essay.

    Mon-prompt; outline and introduction

    Tues-outline body paragraphs

    Wed-rough draft

    Thurs-add transitions, highlight requirements, revise

    Fri--type final draft

    Outline, rough draft, and final copy must be turned in no later than OCT 31

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  • Mon-Lesson 26

    Tues-Lesson 27

    Wed-Lesson 28

    Thurs--Library time; finish Lesson 28

    Fri-Lesson 29 Seminar

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Julie Duhon

  • Ms. Duhon  ELA

    Monday--Section 6 Lesson 21--write a progress report

    Tues--Lesson 22--read progress report and answer questions to show understanding

    Wed--Lesson 23--read progress report and answer essay questions

    Thurs--Section 7 Lesson 24Finish reading story and add to the before/after surgery chart

    FRI--AR Book Project due; take an AR test; work on computers

  • Mon-Lesson 36:Class Discussions in preparation for the extension research task

    Tues-Begin research task.  Discuss the two types of intelligences they will research. Begin taking notes.

    Wed-Continue taking notes for research; record sources; begin powerpoint

    Thurs-Create powerpoint with research info and submit

    Fri-Unit 1 Cold Read

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  • CWT for Unit 1

    Mon-Discuss prompt and introduction.  Begin outline.

    Tues-finish outlining essay; begin rough draft

    Wed-write rough draft

    Thurs-add transitions; revise essay

    Fri-type and submit essay; turn in outline and rough draft when everything is complete

    Everything for the CWT must be turned in no later than Monday, Oct 31.

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  • Lesson 26-Links to an external site. Students read an excerpt from Chapter 13 of Frankenstein and then work in pairs to select a quotation that reveals aspects of both the monster and Charlie.

    Unit 1 Lesson 26Links to an external site.

    Lesson 27-Links to an external site.Students reread an excerpt from Chapter 13 of Frankenstein and work in pairs to explain how the differing structure of each text contributes to its meaning or theme.

    Lesson 28-Links to an external site. Students prepare for a Socratic seminar by comparing and contrasting the myths of Prometheus and Pandora, excerpts from Frankenstein, and “Flowers for Algernon.”

    Lesson 29-Links to an external site.Students engage in a Socratic seminar to discuss whether Keyes draws on traditional stories to tell a hopeful story or a cautionary tale.

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  • Monday--Lesson 11 Students will read progress reports 4-11 and look for differences in Charlie before and after surgery.

    Tues and Wed--(ELA teachers will be out for professional development.)  Students will answer questions on Lesson 11 and work on Lesson 12

    Thurs--Review lessons 11 and 12

    Fri--Lesson 13: Students will prepare for a Socratic seminar

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  • Tues--Library hour; finish iReady diagnostic

    Wed-Section 3 Lesson 9:  writing about Charlie and the suitability of the tests

    Thur-Section 3 Lesson 10--Revising and working with a partner (Paragraph will be graded)

    Fri--review Section 3 and quiz

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  • Monday--Review Lesson 3; Begin Lesson 4 (Vocab quiz will be Tuesday afternoon)

    Tuesday--Lesson 4 and vocabulary quiz

    Wednesday--Review Section 1; class discussion/quiz grade for Section 1

    Thursday--Section 2 Lesson 5

    Friday--Lesson 6


    **Dates may be pushed back a little due to AC issues, etc.

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    • August 15-19
    • Monday:  Prewriting and begin writing a personal introductory essay.  (Students will have a handout and can find info on Canvas)
    • Tuesday:  Continue working on introductory assignment
    • Wed:  Unit 1 Lesson 1
    • Thurs:  Lesson 2
    • Fri: Lesson 3
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  • Mon--Chapter 4; workbook pages and bellringers continued

    Tues--Chp 5; workbook pages and bellringers continued

    Wed--Chp 6 and 7; workbook pages and bellringers cont.

    Thurs--finish all workbook pages and bellringer assignments

    Fri==test on the novel


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  • Monday--Test prep; testing tips

    Tues-Thurs--Book projects; reading

    Fri-workbook pages on Call of the Wild

    **Classroom time and activities will be limited due to testing.

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  • Monday--Lesson 3: Reading Chapter 1 of Call of the Wild; Choices Project activity

    Tuesday--Lesson 4: Finishing up Chapter 1; wkbk pg 246

    Wednesday--Review section 1 and quiz

    Thursday--Test prep day; activities on Canvas

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  • Monday--Lesson 39-40:  Students will finish research task and create a presentation.

    Tuesday-Lesson 41: Students will present research to class; Unit 3 Cold Read task.

    Wednesday-Unit 4 introduction

    Thursday--Lesson 1: Begin reading "CALL OF THE WILD"

    Friday--Lesson 2: Characterize Buck from the book

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  • Monday-Lesson 33:  Students will type and submit the final draft of their essays.

    Tuesday-Lesson 34:  Students will watch a video about source evaluation and begin brainstorming research topics.

    Wednesday-Lesson 35: Students will begin the extension task, researching an issue.

    Thursday-Lesson 36: Students will continue to research for the extension task.

    Friday-Lesson 37: Students continue research for the extension task and evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of different mediums.

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  • This week we will be working on the Unit 3 Essay.  Prewriting and rough drafts will be on paper.  Final copy will be typed and sent on computers.

    March 21--Final quiz for novel

    March 22-Lesson 30: Preparing for unit 3 essay

    March 23-Lesson 31: writing a rough draft

    March 24-Finishing Lesson 31 writing the rough draft

    March 25: Lesson 32/33: revising and typing a final copy

    Students will continue to work on test prep for a part of the block.

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  • Inservice Monday; test prep for half of block begins

    Tuesday-Section 5 quiz; all bellringers should be completed by the end of the day

    Wednesday--Lesson 27: Literature circles discuss novels

    Thursday--Lesson 28:Literature circles finish work/discussion; students should finish reading novel and taking notes in reading logs by this day

    Friday--Library visit; Lesson 29; quiz on novel

    **Nine weeks ends this week

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  • Monday--Lesson 22: Students will reread "Tell Tale Heart" and answer questions about the story. 

    Tuesday--Lesson 23:  Students will review questions and complete workbook pages 161-162.

    Wednesday--Lesson 24: After analyzing the narrator, students will look at how the story would change from a different perspective.

    Thursday--Lesson 25:  Students will write about how the story would be different from another perspective.

    Friday--Lesson 26:  Students will share their different perspectives of Tell Tale Heart.

    **Students should have 18 bellringer activities done by Tuesday, March 15th.

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  • Thursday--Lesson 20: Students will examine vocabulary and read "Tell -Tale Heart"; then they will complete pg 158-159 in the workbook.

    Friday--Lesson 21:  Students will Reread the story and complete workbook pg 160.

    **Students will be continuing to read the Unit 3 independent novel assignment.

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  • Monday--Novel reading check; Finish Lesson 15, reading "Ransom of Red Chief", defining words, answering questions

    Tuesday--Progress Reports go home; Lesson 16 Cold Read on "Ransom of Red Chief"

    Wednesday--Book Fair visit; Lesson 17 Cold Read Writing Task

    Thursday--Lesson 18 Review narrative point of view; begin Lesson 19

    Friday--Lesson 19 rewriting a scene from the story from a different perspective

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  • Mon--Book projects due and Lesson 12 (Students will work in groups to discuss novels.)

    Tues--Finish Lesson 12 and Lesson 13 (Students will finish work on novel and discuss it in groups.)

    Wed--Review Unit 3 Section 3 and take quiz

    Thurs--Lesson 14 (Students will read "The Ransom of Red Chief")

    Fri--Lesson 15 (Students will summarize "The Ransom of Red Chief"

    **Students will continue working on bellringers and reading and taking notes through page 82 in our novels.

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  • Monday--Reading Check for novel; Finish Unit 3 Lesson 7 and work on Lesson 8

    Tuesday--Finish Lesson 8 and review for Section 2 quiz

    Wednesday--Section 2 Quiz; read novels

    Thursday--Lesson 9

    Friday--Lesson 10

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  • Jan 31-Feb 4

    Students have been working on Unit 3.  We're reading "Allegory of a Cave" and studying unit questions and vocabulary.  Students have also received the novel for our novel study.  Kids will read 25 pages a week and take notes in a reading log.

    Progress Reports went home on Wednesday, Feb 2.

    Please email me with any questions.

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  • Welcome to Ms. Duhon's page!  

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