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  • Mon--Chapter 4; workbook pages and bellringers continued

    Tues--Chp 5; workbook pages and bellringers continued

    Wed--Chp 6 and 7; workbook pages and bellringers cont.

    Thurs--finish all workbook pages and bellringer assignments

    Fri==test on the novel


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  • Monday--Test prep; testing tips

    Tues-Thurs--Book projects; reading

    Fri-workbook pages on Call of the Wild

    **Classroom time and activities will be limited due to testing.

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  • Monday--Lesson 3: Reading Chapter 1 of Call of the Wild; Choices Project activity

    Tuesday--Lesson 4: Finishing up Chapter 1; wkbk pg 246

    Wednesday--Review section 1 and quiz

    Thursday--Test prep day; activities on Canvas

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  • Monday--Lesson 39-40:  Students will finish research task and create a presentation.

    Tuesday-Lesson 41: Students will present research to class; Unit 3 Cold Read task.

    Wednesday-Unit 4 introduction

    Thursday--Lesson 1: Begin reading "CALL OF THE WILD"

    Friday--Lesson 2: Characterize Buck from the book

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  • Monday-Lesson 33:  Students will type and submit the final draft of their essays.

    Tuesday-Lesson 34:  Students will watch a video about source evaluation and begin brainstorming research topics.

    Wednesday-Lesson 35: Students will begin the extension task, researching an issue.

    Thursday-Lesson 36: Students will continue to research for the extension task.

    Friday-Lesson 37: Students continue research for the extension task and evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of different mediums.

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  • This week we will be working on the Unit 3 Essay.  Prewriting and rough drafts will be on paper.  Final copy will be typed and sent on computers.

    March 21--Final quiz for novel

    March 22-Lesson 30: Preparing for unit 3 essay

    March 23-Lesson 31: writing a rough draft

    March 24-Finishing Lesson 31 writing the rough draft

    March 25: Lesson 32/33: revising and typing a final copy

    Students will continue to work on test prep for a part of the block.

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  • Inservice Monday; test prep for half of block begins

    Tuesday-Section 5 quiz; all bellringers should be completed by the end of the day

    Wednesday--Lesson 27: Literature circles discuss novels

    Thursday--Lesson 28:Literature circles finish work/discussion; students should finish reading novel and taking notes in reading logs by this day

    Friday--Library visit; Lesson 29; quiz on novel

    **Nine weeks ends this week

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  • Monday--Lesson 22: Students will reread "Tell Tale Heart" and answer questions about the story. 

    Tuesday--Lesson 23:  Students will review questions and complete workbook pages 161-162.

    Wednesday--Lesson 24: After analyzing the narrator, students will look at how the story would change from a different perspective.

    Thursday--Lesson 25:  Students will write about how the story would be different from another perspective.

    Friday--Lesson 26:  Students will share their different perspectives of Tell Tale Heart.

    **Students should have 18 bellringer activities done by Tuesday, March 15th.

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  • Thursday--Lesson 20: Students will examine vocabulary and read "Tell -Tale Heart"; then they will complete pg 158-159 in the workbook.

    Friday--Lesson 21:  Students will Reread the story and complete workbook pg 160.

    **Students will be continuing to read the Unit 3 independent novel assignment.

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  • Monday--Novel reading check; Finish Lesson 15, reading "Ransom of Red Chief", defining words, answering questions

    Tuesday--Progress Reports go home; Lesson 16 Cold Read on "Ransom of Red Chief"

    Wednesday--Book Fair visit; Lesson 17 Cold Read Writing Task

    Thursday--Lesson 18 Review narrative point of view; begin Lesson 19

    Friday--Lesson 19 rewriting a scene from the story from a different perspective

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  • Mon--Book projects due and Lesson 12 (Students will work in groups to discuss novels.)

    Tues--Finish Lesson 12 and Lesson 13 (Students will finish work on novel and discuss it in groups.)

    Wed--Review Unit 3 Section 3 and take quiz

    Thurs--Lesson 14 (Students will read "The Ransom of Red Chief")

    Fri--Lesson 15 (Students will summarize "The Ransom of Red Chief"

    **Students will continue working on bellringers and reading and taking notes through page 82 in our novels.

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  • Monday--Reading Check for novel; Finish Unit 3 Lesson 7 and work on Lesson 8

    Tuesday--Finish Lesson 8 and review for Section 2 quiz

    Wednesday--Section 2 Quiz; read novels

    Thursday--Lesson 9

    Friday--Lesson 10

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  • Jan 31-Feb 4

    Students have been working on Unit 3.  We're reading "Allegory of a Cave" and studying unit questions and vocabulary.  Students have also received the novel for our novel study.  Kids will read 25 pages a week and take notes in a reading log.

    Progress Reports went home on Wednesday, Feb 2.

    Please email me with any questions.

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