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  • Welcome to Achieve 3000!  This is where you will find all announcements for our class.

  • Oct. 25-Oct. 29, 2021

    Monday- Achieve 3000: Begin 5-Step Lesson ("Thanks, But No Thanks!) Use Annotations, Question Stems, Activity Tracker, Thought Question Answer MUST BE at least 5 sentences!

    Tuesday- Achieve 3000: Continue 5-Step Lesson from Monday

    Wednesday- Achieve 3000: Student Choice!

    Thursday- Review 5-Step Lesson

    Friday- Halloween Fun Lesson

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  • 10/18-10/22/2021

    Monday-Teacher In Service: No School

    Tuesday-A3000: Carousel (1. Buried with an Army, 2. An Offer They Couldn't Refuse, 3. Floating Cities)

    Wednesday-Student Conferences

    Thursday-Whole Class Activity:  Laughter is the Best Medicine (I do, We do, (You do))

    Friday-A3000: Laughter is the Best Medicine (You do)

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  • October 11-October 15

    Monday-Fall Break/No School

    Tuesday-Fall Break/No School

    Wednesday-Achieve 3000: After Sundown: Episode 1, Games in Ancient India, Living with Sharks (Write Paragraph)

    Thursday-Achieve 3000: Goals of the Great War, Who's Who in Hoovervilles, World's Best Bargain Hunter

    Friday-Achieve 3000: Laughter is the Best Medicine, World's Oldest Sport is Huge in Japan

    New lessons will be posted daily to the student's carousel in Achieve 3000.  Students will complete Evidence Chart and Weekly Progress Logs throughout the week and turn in on Fridays.

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  • Week of 10/4-10/8

    Mon-Achieve 3000 Lessons (A Musical Forefather, Pizza on the Go, Tricky Pictures)

    Tue-Achieve 3000 Lessons (Hygiene for Health, No Him, No Me, Postal Potatoes, The Birth of B-Ball)

    Wed-Achieve 3000 Lessons (New Quarters to Honor Women, Of War and Whiskers, The Tale of Tow Childhoods)

    Thur-Achieve 3000 Lessons (Ask the Scientist: Deep Sea Besties, Smelt Miming and Rolling Rolly Things, The History and Folly of First Pitches)

    Fri-Achieve 3000 Lessons - Weekly Wrap Up!  Turn in Weekly Progress Log

    New lessons will be posted daily to the student's carousel in Achieve 3000.  Weekly Progress Logs should be completed throughout the week and turned in on Fridays.

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  • Week of 9/27-10/01

    Monday- Achieve 3000 Carousel: An Anti-Imperialist's Storied Life, Kool-Aid Still Cool? Oh Yeah!, Space Next

    Tuesday- Achieve 3000 Carousel: Amazing Animals!, Buy Now, Pay Later, We Built this City

    Wednesday- Achieve 3000 Carousel: Ancient China was a World Changer, Three Worlds Meet: Celebrating St. Augustine, Yoga's Surprising History

    Thursday- Achieve 3000 Carousel: Manga Mania

    Friday- Complete all weekly assignments, Novel

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  • Week of 9/20-9/24

    Monday-ACHIEVE3000: Ancient Foodies, Billionaires Race to Space, Car Racing's Prohibition Roots

    Tuesday-ACHIEVE3000: Medical Marvels in Ancient India, Thomas Jefferson's Slipper Diplomacy

    Wednesday-ACHIEVE3000:  Mendez v. Inequality, This Teen Has a Colorful History



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  • WEEK OF 9/6-9/10


    Tuesday - Novel Reading

    Wednesday - ACHIEVE 3000

    Thursday - ACHIEVE 3000

    Friday - ACHIEVE 3000

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