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  • February 6-10

    This week we will begin Module 4 in Math and work on Module 4 fluency problems. Students take a pre-test in Equip and continue to work on remediation in Math and ELA, and complete Science and Social Studies assignments.

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  • 1/30-2/3

    Work on Edulastic Math, Distance in the coordinate plane; ELA, Social Studies and Science, as well as I Ready and Khan Academy Assignments. 

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  • January 17-20

    Students will be completing Math Interim testing this Thursday and Friday. We will continue remediation on I ready Math and ELA.

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  • december 12th-16th:

    math module test this week. students will continue to work on remediation in i-ready math and ela, and complete classwork from math, ela, science and social studies.

    edulastic math packet is due this week! 

    Weekly Grade: Math Review Sheet

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  • December 5-9th:

    Introduce Decimal Division and Unstuck and On Target. Students will continue to work on remediation in I-ready Math and ELA, and complete classwork from Math, ELA, Science and Social Studies.

    Edulastic Math Packet should be completed this week. 

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  • November 28- December 2nd

    Continue Vocabulary Task and Introduce Division and Unstuck and On Target. Students will continue to work on remediation in I-ready Math and ELA.

    Weekly Grade: Social Skills Lesson

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  • November 14-18th

    Monday: Decimal Lesson and quiz

    Tuesday: Hatchet Vocabulary Task and complete work from other classes.

    Wednesday: Math review and complete unfinished assignments.

    Thursday: I ready math assignment and Social Studies Stations.

    Friday: I ready Math and ELA.

    WEEKLY GRADE: Hatchet Vocabulary Task

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  • November 7-11:

    Monday: Bellringer, fluency quiz and complete edulastic 1-12. Review Math Lesson

    Tuesday: NO SCHOOL

    Wednesday:  Bellringer and DBQ questions. 

    Thursday:  Bellringer and Math Accelerate lesson

    Friday: NO SCHOOL


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  • Week of October 24-28th

    Monday: Review Accelerate Lesson Module 2

    Tuesday: Accelerate Lesson ELA 

    Wednesday: Practice Quizziz Math Module 2

    Thursday: Vocabulary Task

    Friday: Turn in the weekly bellringer, Quizziz and Make up day for classwork. I ready Math and ELA if time allows. 


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  • Week of October 24-28th

    Bellringer and Fluency practice daily

    Monday: Review for Module 2 Topic A test and complete Social Studies/ Science work. Create Desmos account.

    Tuesday: Accelerate Lesson Divide a Whole Number by a Fraction.

    Wednesday: Acclerate Lesson Continued, work in I ready Math and ELA.

    Thursday: Edulastic work and Equip Lesson.

    Friday: Turn in the weekly bellringer, Quizziz and Make up day for classwork. I ready Math and ELA if time allows. 

    WEEKLY GRADE: Fluency practice problem quiz

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  • October 17-21

    Monday: Factors are a fact. Bellringer 1 and 2.

    Tuesday: Mesopotamia Vocabulary, Map Skills and Common Lit Assignment.

    Wednesday:  Greatest Common Factor, Equip Lesson 3. Fluency # 3

    Thursday:  Equip lesson 4. Edulastic Assignment

    Friday:  Edulastic Check in; Review weekly skills and make up day.


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  • October 3-7th

    Monday: Bellringer Topic E, complete Equip lesson one, Social Studies practice test and Edulastic Activity. 

    Tuesday: Bellringer Topic E. Begin Equip Lesson 2, Social Studies Vocabulary and Edulastic Activity. 

    Wednesday: Bellringer Topic E, Complete vocabulary and other classwork/tests.

    Thursday: Bellringer Topic E; Equip Lesson on Multiples

    Friday: Bellringer Topic E; Complete multiples lesson, and work on unfinished classwork/test. 

    Happy Fall Break! 

    FOR A GRADE, TOPIC E Bellringer.

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  • September 26-30

    Monday:  Fluency Bellringer and Complete Equip pre-assessment

    Tuesday: Fluency Bellringer and work on Edulastic Math Assignment. WORK MUST BE SHOWN

    Wednesday:  Fluency Bellringer and Latitude Longitude Assignment

    Thursday: Fluency Bellringer and I ready ELA and Math Work. 

    Friday: Fluency assessment and make up day.

    WEEKLY GRADE: Fluency assessment Friday


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  • September 19-23

    Monday:  Bellringer/Fluency; Equivalent Fractions/ Complete unfinished work

    Tuesday: Bellringer/Fluency; Ratios/ Complete unfinished work

    Wednesday: Bellringer/Fluency/ Work on Cave Art activity and unfinished work

    Thursday: Bellringer/Fluency; I ready ELA and unfinished work. 

    Friday: Bellringer/Fluency quiz;  I ready Math and unfinished work.

    WEEKLY GRADE: Fluency Quiz on Lessons 14-17.

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  • September 12-16th:

    Monday: Steve Jobs Nearpod

    Tuesday: Math  Fluency Review and new vocabulary words.

    Wednesday: Review BC/AD and Timelines

    Thursday: Complete I ready Math Assessment

    Friday: I ready Math Assessment and Make up day.

    For a grade: Daily Bellringer and Bellringer quiz.


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  • September 5th-9th

    Monday: Happy Labor Day!

    Tuesday: Bellringer and complete ELA study guide.

    Wednesday: Bellringer and begin I Ready Math assessment.

    Thursday: Bellringer and complete i Ready Math assessment.

    Friday: Bellringer and make-up day. If time allows, complete Vocabulary Task.

    Weekly Grade: Bellringer Week Four


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  • August 29- September 2nd: 

    Weekly grade: Canvas Scavenger hunt and weekly bellringer.

    Monday: Canvas Scavenger hunt and Geographic Vocabulary Practice.

    Tuesday: Ratio Number Sense and complete work from other classes.

    Wednesday: Naively Vocabulary task and work on incomplete work from other classes.

    Thursday: Quizziz (Science and Social Studies terms) and complete work from other classes.

    Friday: Bellringer quiz and complete work from other classes. 



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  • August 22-26th:

    Monday: Bellringer and Continents and Oceans

    Tuesday: Bellringer and ELA vocabulary

    Wednesday: Bellringer and Ratio practice

    Thursday: Bellringer and introduce to One Note

    Friday: Bellringer and finish classwork

    Weekly Grade: Week Two Bellringers

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  • August 15-19 

    Getting to know teachers, procedures, and lockers!

    Monday: Review Procedures and Bellringers

    Tuesday: Intro to Equip

    Wednesday: Accelerate Math Lesson

    Thursday: "Lessons from Failure, Why we Try, Try Again." 

    Friday: Bellringer Review and Graded Assignment

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