Advanced English II & English II

  • This course focuses on applying reading strategies and responding to the primary selections of world literature. Study of the relationship of the literature to the historical period is required along with responses to the literature. Fiction and nonfiction texts are read in and out of class in thematic units to focus on intertextuality and evidence-based responses.

Supplies for Class

    • college-ruled notebook paper
    • binder/folder
    • writing utensils (blue/black pen, red pen, highlighters)
    • technology (laptop, tablet, or smartphone)*
    • headphones (suggested)
    • assigned texts**


    *I do expect use of technology in and outside of class. Classroom iPads are available for student use should anyone require them. If a student does not have access to internet or technology at home, the library at school does provide free computer access before and after school as well as during both lunches; please see me with any access issues.

    **Students will be provided with texts and workbooks; they MUST keep track of these supplies as I will be unable to provide any extra supplies.

Remind 101 - Advanced English II

Remind 101 - English II