Lessons for Today!

  • 10-27/28-21

    English IV 


    I have sent an email with a direct access to your email. Go back and save your objective summary there please. 

    Activities for The Coming of Beowulf

    English III

    1. Peterson's Test Prep

    2. Download to your onedrive and save as "Young Goodman Brown". You may want to create a "YGB" folder to save all your work in. 

    "Young Goodman Brown"

    3. Complete the 1st Learning Activity on p. 1. 

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  • 10-26-21

    English IV

    1. Watch the Prezi. 

    Prezi for Poetry

    2. Read the rubric (we will not be using  paraphrasing this time so it will be worth 16 points.

    Objective Rubric

    3. Write a prewrite for your objective summary.

    4. Make sure to proofread 

    5. Type your summary. Make sure to use MLA heading on your paper. 

    6. Proofread for typing errors.

    7. File save as Your name, and Grendel Attacks the Danes 

    8. Drop into the folder that I sent you in your email. 


    English III 

    1.Ignore the email I sent it doesn't work. 

    2. On an index card rewrite the following slide of linking verbs

    Linking Verbs

    3. Finish reading and annotating Sinners and complete activity 3 at the end. 

    4. On a cornell sheet define the following literary terms:



         point of view (all 3)




         plot: introduction, rising action, climaz, falling action, resolution 

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  • 10-25-21

    • WOD # 5 tout  ( , paren, )
    • Sheet of loose leaf paper name date hour upper right corner
    • On the front make a chart of personal and possessive 1st, 2nd, and 3rd person, singular and plural. 
    • On the back list all of the helping verbs
    • Beowulf 
    • Finish Grendel Attacks the Danes
    • Read and annotate
    • Take notes on how to Write an objective summary 8 sentences structured and formatted  
    • Objective Summary

    English III

    • WOD # 6 disapprobation ( , paren, )
    • Sinners
    • Finish paragraphs 1-5
    • Add 6-10 
    • Work in pairs to complete 
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  • 10-21-21 

    English IV 

    1. Brain Teaser # 6
    2. Senior announcements
    3. Beowulf-Grendel Attacks theDanes

         Read and complete 1st stanza

         Continue with 2nd stanza, read and annotate 

    Brain Teaser # 6

    English III

    1. Brain Teaser # 6

    2.Pronoun quiz 

    1. "Sinners in the Handsof an Angry God" 
    2. Read and annotate paragraph 2 then continue on your own. 
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  • 10-20-21

    English IV

    ***Common Lit assignment 
    1.ACT Options Survey
    2. 1st hour retake pics, 2nd hour take pics, 3rd hour girls!
    3. Beowulf: Review background, terms for annotations, and brief journal entry
    4. Read and annotate 1st stanza 

    English III

    1. Go over nouns and pronouns In the grammar section of your binder. 
    2. Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God Activities 1-3 (1-5)

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  • 10-19-21

    English IV

    1. Classes please meet in the media room in F hall. You will meet with senior counselor Ms. Dunham. 

    English III

    1. Grammar: Nouns and pronouns Unit One the front of your packet.
    2. Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God handouts are on my desk. You are to do Activity One and read the directions for Activity Two complete paragraphs 1-5.
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  • 10-14-21

    English IV

    • Beowulf Background test
    • Sheet of college ruled loose leaf paper
    • Blue or black ink pen
    • Name, date, and hour upper right-hand corner
    • Title: Beowulf Background test
    • Number straight down the page if needed continue on the back.

    English III

    • WOD # 6 dismay (main:main)
    • When to use a colon
    • Sinners
    • Finish background notes on Jonathan Edwards
    • Imagery Activity 
    • Start Reading Sinners
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  • 10-04-21 Outline info 

    Anglo-Saxon and Middle Ages

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  • Anglo-Saxon Period

    Historical Background Outline

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  • Mcneese

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  • McNeese Admissions

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  • HOB 6-10

    HOB 6-10 quiz

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  • video question

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  • 09-15-21

    English IV

    1. Reviewed for Writing Exam

    2. Spent the rest of the hour showing them again how to access classwork. went through it step by step. Allow them to use their laptop. Showed them how to save their work to a OneDrive folder and how to share it with me. 

    3. Signed up for Commonlit account. 


    English III

    Spent the hour showing them again how to access classwork. went through it step by step. Allow them to use their laptop. Showed them how to save their work to a OneDrive folder and how to share it with me. 

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  • 09-15-21


    English III

    The Custom House questions



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  • I am working on getting the video for English III to work. Go ahead and read. I may send an alternate video. 


    English III and IV make sure you are completing your work. 

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  • 7th hour 



    writing exam


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    Sir Arthur Conan Doyle


    English IV 

    1. Writing Unit—Read about the Thesis for essays, take notes, put on index card (if you do index cards). Do not start the exercise, we will do this in class together.
    2. Read through the PowerPoint on Sir Arthur Conan Doyle taking notes using the Cornell note taking technique or by using an outline. The PowerPoint link is on my teacher page. (SHHS web site)   



    English III 

    1. Read through the PowerPoint on Nathaniel Hawthorne taking notes by using the Cornell note taking technique or by using an outline. The PowerPoint link is on my teacher page. (SHHS web site)

    Nathaniel Hawthorne


    Cornell Notes--copy and paste into word document you shouold be able tom edit and take notes. Save to your One Drive, make a folder for English then save with a title in that folder . 

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  • 23 August  2021 English III & IV 

    1. ACT # 1 Booklet p.1  
    2. How to get your work on-line
    3. Grade Essays-take everythingoff ofyour desk. 
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  • 19 August 2021

    English 3 and 4


    Continue working on Assessment essay. You should be finished with your rough draft by the end of the hour. 

    Homeroom 3rd hour


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  • 20 August 2021

    English IV and English III

    Writing for Assessment 

    Pick up your essay.

    Finish final draft and turn in at the end of the hour. Staple in this order.

    1. Final Draft--MLA format heading, in blue or black ink, skip a line.

    2. Rough Draft

    3. Prewrite

    4. English IV video notes

    4. English III Grammar 


    Will start taking fees Monday!!! 

  • 18 August 2021 

    English IV

    • Write a well-developed persuasive, cause/effect, argumentive, or  exemplification essay: Requirements 
    • 400-600 words. Do not count the words “a, an, the”, do not use “a lot” or “very”.
    • Final draft must be written in blue or black ink  Must be handwritten skip a line.   Due End of class on Friday 08-20-21
    • Video notes (25 pts)
    • Make sure you have plenty of details. 
    • Prewrite (25 pts)
    • Handwritten rough draft (25 pts.) Can be in pencil. With revisions
    • Final Draft (25 points) 
    • Misspelled words are not allowed, 5 points will be deducted for each word that is not spelled correctly.
    • Every day your work must be turned in at the end of the hour, you cannot take it home.
    • Work diligently every day. Due at the end of class Friday!
    • Some thoughts and ideas
    • If procrastination isn’t about laziness, then what is it about?
    • We procrastinate because of bad moods?
    • Do we procrastinate to feel better?
    • How do we get to the root cause of our procrastination?
    • What are some other, healthier ways to manage your feelings that typically trigger procrastination? 

    English III

    • Brain Teaser #1 (This will go in the ACT section, label Brain Teasers)
    • Begin Writing Unit 
    • Writing for Success in the writing section take out the very first pg. The assignment is on the back of the pg.