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  • Courses and Information:

    Welcome to Mr. Guillory's English classes!


    Student Course Resources:

    This year, students will be working in the Springboard digital platform for our class content. Their classroom communications will take place within Teams, where detailed assignment information is shared with the students as an announcement. While parents cannot access these platforms, students have accounts which can be accessed via Launchpad, a single-sign-on provider. When accessing Launchpad off the CPSB network, students will be prompted to sign in with their CPSB username and password before their dashboard opens.


    Grading Practices:

    Grades in my course will be as follows:

    Formative grades: 40% of student's overall grade

    Summative grades: 60% of student's overall grade


    Unit Overview:

    An overview of each unit of study for the entire course is available to students in Springboard online, accessible through Launchpad.



  • See the "Remind" page for class announcements!