Failing To Prepare IS Preparing To Fail

Coach Guidry (U. S. History and Civics) Room 206

  • Welcome Back Students!

    I am looking forward to this school year as we move back into the classroom where knowledge is discovered and experienced for the first time. We will dedicate ourselves to “flattening the learning curve” and becoming the most well educated and informed student body in the great State of Louisiana. Two very important items that need to be addressed immediately will be to establish a line of effective communication between me, you and your parents/guardians through email/Canvas and to enroll you in Canvas. Canvas wil be fully utilized to implement our curriculum whether we are face-to-face or virtual. The two main lines of communication will be my Calcasieu Parish email and the Announcement Tab in Schoolwires. My school email is which will be checked by me on a regular and consistent basis so that I can respond in a timely manner to any questions you or your parents/guardians may have about our class. I will also be posting regular Announcements through Schoolwires which will be emailed to you. It is important that you check your email everyday several times a day to ensure that you are aware when any new information is delivered. The first thing we need to do is to get every student enrolled in the Canvas Class on or BEFORE the very first day of school. You will “Self-Enroll” into your course, U.S. History or Civics. 

    Once you are enrolled, you may go into the site and explore. I have been working to build both courses and will be adding new items, categories and activities as we go. The most important tab will be the ASSIGNMENT JOURNAL for the course. The Assignment Journal is where you will find the daily lesson plans for each course and will basically let you know what we will be doing. Thus, it will be a record of what we HAVE DONE and what we PLAN TO DO into the near future. Last years dates and activities will be changed as we move forward, so always look for the current dates for 2020-2021. We will submit all of work, tests and assignments through Blackboard to eliminate the handling of papers. Again, I look forward to a very successful and productive school year and hope that you bring a “can do” attitude with you to Vinton High School. Go Lions!

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