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  • HELLO PARENTS AND GUARDIANS!!!! Welcome to my Announcements page. I will be posting here about everything we do in class. Please check back here every week for announcements about what is going on in our Biology class. 

  • Hello Parents and Guardians... Just wanted to give you an update on your child's grade. Currently in class, the students should have 40 points in the quiz category, 10 points in the lab experiment category, 15 points in the flex category, 5 points in the CER category, 5 points in the bellringer category, 5 points in the exit ticket category. Add the total points they currently have and divide by 78 to get the real grade. Have a great weekend!! Please email me if you have any questions!

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  • Hello Parents! Here is an update on your child's grade in my class. They should have the following points in the following categories: 

    Flex- 12 points

    Bellringers- 3 points

    Laboratory experiments- 10 points

    Quiz- 40 points 

    Exit tickets- 2 points

    This is for a total of 67 points as of 2/4/22. Any questions, please feel free to email me or call me. Have a great weekend! Stay warm!

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  • Hello all,

    As of today, your child should have the following points in the following categories. Exit tickets- 4 points, bellringers- 3 points, flex assignments- 9points, lab experiments- 10 points, and quizzes- 20 points. To figure out your childs current grade, add the total points they have in each category together and divide that by 46 points, which is the total number of points so far.

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  • Hello Parents/Guardians,

    This is the second week of the second grading period. So far, students should have grades in the following categories; flex assignments(6), bellringers(2), lab experiment(10), quiz(20), and exit tickets(2). Again I understand that I graded differently. To figure out if your child is on track, add up their total points in each category and divide by the total points they should have at this time(40). 

    Any questions/concerns, please feel free to email me at 

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  • September 12, 2021


    Hello Parents/Guardians,

    I just wanted to give you an update on grades up to this point. The following categories should have the following points.

    Bell Ringers- 4 points

    Tests-up to 100 points

    Quiz- up to 10 points

    Exit Tickets- 1 point

    Flex Assignments- 4 points

    CER- up to 5 points

    Lab Experiments- 20 points

    On tomorrow, each student will receive a list of all assignments they are missing, as well as the opportunity to make up/revise those missing or incomplete assignments. All assignments are due on Friday. 


    Any questions, please feel free to email me or call the school and I will get back to you at my earliest convenience. 



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  • Hello Parents/Guardians!! Welcome!! I am so excited for this new school year. It has been a pleasure so far getting to know your student. We work hard every day taking the necessary steps to prepare for the LEAP test. I wanted to first tell you about my grading policy. I grade very differently than most. All students earn their grades as we work through each grading period. So that means that each student will start off with an F and then as we complete the assignments the grade will improve. As of right now, your student should have points on the bellringer category(3 points), flex assignments(2 points), CER(5 points), and tests(up to 100 points). I will post on here every week and update you on the point range. Lastly, I want you to feel free to contact me. I can be reached at I would also love it if you would join my Remind group for parents. This is a great way for me to inform parents about what is going on in our class. The class code to join my parent group is @msnobiopar. If you already have Remind, you can just add the class with the above code. Or you can text @msnobiopar to 81010. I look forward to getting to know all of you. 

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