• Welcome Intro to Engineering!


    My name is Mrs. Preatto and I will be your instructor for the course. I am looking
    forward to a terrific semester with you.

    I want to welcome everyone, and I would encourage you to post a short informal hello message in the "Introductions" discussion forum to let me know you received my welcome message, and to briefly introduce yourself to your fellow

    Although the official start date for the course is not until August 13, all students
    (who have officially registered) now have access to the Intro to Engineering Canvas
    course site, so feel free to start exploring our online learning environment. All details of the course can be found within the online course site, syllabus and modules.

    I also wanted to take a moment to post a couple of points as we get started.

    This course will have regular weekly assignments due, weekly online discussions forums, as well as readings and course materials. This is not a self-paced course--it's important that you keep on top of the weekly reading and assignments!

    Each of you must manage your own time each week to know when assignments, and any other weekly course obligations, are due. This will involve regularly logging into Canvas to check discussion forums and communications, monitoring
    your campus email address, and virtually interacting with classmates, team members, instructors, and course materials.
    At this point, I suggest the following actions:

    · Log into Canvas and begin to familiarize yourself with
    the Canvas learning management system and the Intro to Engineering course site

    · Make sure you've confirmed your email address in the Canvas system so you can receive
    messages and announcements I'll be sending.

    · Check out your Canvas Calendar for assignment due dates so you can plan your semester
    accordingly. You can access the Calendar from the left-hand global navigation bar.

    · Submit your first assignment--introducing yourself in the Check-In Discussion--by Friday August 20.

    · Read through the Syllabus so you know the rhythm of course, and what is expected.

    As you get started, I'm happy to answer any questions that may arise, or point you
    to our tech support for more technical questions. Please post your specific questions about the class in the Getting Started forum [or whatever your Q&A discussion is called]. I will send a Lesson 01 announcement on Monday, the official
    course start date.

    I look forward to working with you this semester and getting off to a strong start!

    Mrs. Preatto