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          This section of my website allows you to see the upcoming Weekly agenda for your students. For a more detailed  description and files please visit my Canvas site with your student. Each week you can check here for an updated announcement with an overview of the week. If you scroll down you can find older announcements from previous weeks once we get further into the year.


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    Amanda Erbelding


  • OCTOBER 25-29, 2021

    Quizlet Ch. 7 quiz

    Graded assignements this week:

    10/25 Grade Bell Ringer

    10/27- Complete Ch. 7 timeline

    10/28- Ch. 7 Quiz and Complete Ch. 8 Timeline

    10/29- Graded Bell Ringer, LEAP Coach 8 Due



    -Graded Bell Ringer and Pick-up Leap Coach Sheet 8

    -Begin Constitution Through Compromise along with notes and text will be used to complete The New National Government Graphic Organizer (Scope & Sequence Activity)

    7th Period: LEAP Coach 7 PreCheck, go over Economic Crisis Graphic organizer, Study guide classwork check


    -Bell Ringer and turn in Extra Credit Shays's 5W's

    -Hand back graded papers




    -Bell Ringer

    -Complete Ch. 7 Timeline



    -Bell Ringer and Pre-check Coach Sheet 8

    -Ch. 7 Quiz

    -Today students will individually look at the Preamble and begin decoding its meaning. Our goal is to breakdown the preamble into modern day language. The students will receive a worksheet containing the six goals of the Preamble in original language. The students will define the six goals in their own words. 


    -Bell Ringer / Turn in Coach Sheet 8

    -Complete and discuss Preamble Activity- Today students will finish decoding the goals and will share/compare with a partner.  We will then discuss as a class.



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  • OCTOBER 19-22, 2021


    -Bell Ringer and receive LEAP Coach Sheet 7        

    -Complete Ch. 7 Notes

    -Video: Brain pop: U.S. Constitution

    -Finish any necessary work and then check Ch. 7 Comprehension Questions

    -Vocab Review: Write a paragraph using Legislative branch, Judicial branch, Executive branch, checks and balances, The Constitution



    -Bell Ringer

    -Video – Brain pop: Bill of Rights

    -Show PowerPoint and review the difference among Social, Economic, and Political influences.

    -The Economic Crisis of the 1780s Graphic Organizer

    -Exit Ticket – Bill of Rights



    -Bell Ringer / Pre-check on LEAP Coach

    -Review answers to The Economic Crisis of the 1780s Graphic Organizer

    -Complete Ch. 7 Study Guide (Quiz will be on 10/28)



    -Bell Ringer and turn-in LEAP Coach Sheet 7

    -Chapter 7 Vocabulary Quiz

    -Review answers to Chapter 7 Study Guide

    -Begin Shays’ Rebellion: Five Ws Activity


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  • OCTOBER 11-15, 2021

    Wednesday: 10/13/21

    -Bell Ringer Quiz (8/23-10/8)

    -Give LEAP Coach Sheet 6 to anyone who was absent Friday.

    -Complete Ch. 7 Vocabulary Chart. Five extra facts will be checked tomorrow. QUIZ-10/22


    Thursday 10/14/21

    -Bell Ringer – Political Cartoon 12 /Coach Sheet Pre-Check

    -Classwork check on five extra facts.

    -Begin Ch. 7 Notes

    -Video – Brain pop: Articles of Confederation

    -Begin Ch.7 Comprehension Questions


    Friday 10/15/21

    -Bell Ringer / Turn-in Coach Sheet 6

    -Continue notes

    -Video –Brain pop: Constitutional Convention

    -Continue working on the Comprehension Questions

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    October 4-8, 2021

    Monday  10/4/21
    -Bell Ringer and receive LEAP Coach Sheet 5

    - Work on rephrasing the Declaration of Independence activity.


    Tuesday: 10/5/21
    -Bell Ringer

    -Complete rephrasing the Declaration of Independence activity.  Be ready to share tomorrow.

    -Complete Unit 1 Post-Test Study Guide

    -Create battle cards (5W’s)- choose battle and answer the 5 W’s about the given battle on the lined side of the index card and illustrate the battle on the blank side of the card.


    Wednesday: 10/6/21

    -Bell Ringer

    -Chapter 6 Quiz (Edulastic)

    -Discuss answers to rephrasing the Declaration of Independence activity.


    Thursday: 10/7/21

    -Bell Ringer and LEAP Coach Sheet pre-check

    -Give Unit 2 Pre-Test (Edulastic)


    Friday: 10/8/21

    -Bell Ringer and turn-in LEAP Coach Sheet 5

    -Give students LEAP Coach Sheet 6 early because next week is short.

    -Unit 1 Post-Test

    -Begin Ch.7 Vocabulary Chart (Unit 2)


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  • SEPTEMBER 27- October 1, 2021

    Sorry for the delayed posting of this weeks agenda. 

    Monday: 9/27/21

    -Bell Ringer and receive LEAP Coach Sheet 4

    -Review Ch. 6 Comprehension Questions

    -Work on Ch. 6 Timeline


    Tuesday: 9/28/21 
    -Bell Ringer (Stamp Act Political Cartoon)

    -Finish and hand-in Ch. 6 Timeline

    -Work on Ch. 6 Study guide (Quiz on 10/6)


    Wednesday: 9/29/21

    -Bell Ringer

    -Ch. 6 Vocabulary Quiz (Edulastic)

    -Complete and review answers to Ch. 6 Study Guide


    Thursday: 9/30/21
    -Bell Ringer and Coach Sheet Pre-Check

    -Explain Writing Task (Patriots versus Loyalists)


    Friday: 10/1/21
    -Bell Ringer and hand-in Coach Sheet 4.

    -Complete Writing Task

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  • SEPTEMBER 20-24, 2021


    Monday 9/20/21

    -Bell Ringer 

    -Last day to work on Step Book Project in class.

    -Early finishers may study for tomorrow’s quiz.


    Tuesday 9/21/21

    -Bell Ringer

    -Colonies and Ch. 5 Quiz (Edulastic)

    -Begin working on Ch. 6 Vocabulary Chart HW- include 5 extra facts QUIZ 10/4


    Wednesday 9/22/21

    -Bell Ringer

    -Turn in Step Book project

    -Finish Ch. 6 Vocabulary Chart


    Thursday 9/23/21

    -Bell Ringer

    -Finish reviewing terms using PPT

    -Begin Ch. 6 Notes

    -Complete Scope and Sequence Pages 33-34 “Sons of Liberty” for homework.


    Friday 9/24/21

    -Bell Ringer 

    -Finish Ch. 6 notes

    -Complete Ch. 6 Comprehension Questions


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  • SEPTEMBER 13-17, 2021


    Monday  9/13/21

    -Bell Ringer and receive LEAP Coach Sheet 3 (handed out on Friday 9/10, decided students needed more time to complete) 

    -Answer any student questions about the Step Book Project and continue working on this project.  Due 9/20.

     -pass back graded papers (moved from Friday 9/10, to give students more time to work on Step Book Project)

    Tuesday 9/14/21

    -Bell Ringer/Political cartoon join or die

    -Complete Colonies and Ch. 5 Study Guide (Quiz 9/17)

    -Videos – Britain We are Never Getting Back Together & It is Too Late to Apologize (time permitting)

    -Continue working on Step Book.


    Wednesday 9/15/21

    -Bell Ringer

    -Review Study Guide answers

    -Continue working on Step Book.


    Thursday 9/16/21

    -Bell Ringer and Coach Sheet Pre-Check

    -Last day to work on Step Book Project in class.

    -Early finishers may study for tomorrow’s quiz.


    Firday 9/17/21

    -Bell Ringer and hand-in Coach Sheet 3.

    -Colonies and Ch. 5 Quiz (Edulastic)

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  • SEPTEMBER 7-10, 2021

    9/7/21 Tuesday

    -Bell Ringer

    -Review answers to Why Did the Colonists Declare Independence packet.

    -Complete Chapter 5 Timeline and turn in. GRADE

    9/8/21 Wednesday

    -Bell Ringer 

    -Complete Timeline if necessary.

    -Set-up Step Book (This takes a while)


    9/9/21 Thursday

    - Bell Ringer and LEAP Coach Sheet pre-check

    - Complete Step Book Project Handout, “Events Leading to the American Revolution” (Project will be due on 9/20) and review answers

    9/10/21 Friday

    -Bell Ringer and turn-in LEAP Coach Sheet 2

    -Give time to finish Step book handout then review answers

    -Brain Pop – Causes of the American Revolution (Students may want to take notes on this for help in their booklet).

    -pass back graded papers

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  • AUGUST 30-SEPTEMBER 3, 2021

    -Students pick-up LEAP Coach Sheet 1- due Friday. (If you missed class, you must get this from Mrs. Erbelding.)

    -Bell Ringer  

    -Finish any remaining terms on Ch. 5 Vocabulary Chart. QUIZ-9/3

    -Watch Fast Facts about the Proclamation of 1763 (3 min)

    -Begin Ch. 5 Power point notes


    -Bell Ringer
    -Finish Chapter 5 notes.

    -Receive and begin working on packet “Why Did the Colonies Declare Independence?”.


    -Bell Ringer and LEAP Coach Sheep Pre-check

    -Complete packet “Why Did the Colonies Declare Independence?”.

    -Begin reviewing answers.


    -Bell Ringer and turn in LEAP Coach Sheet 1

    -Chapter 5 Vocabulary Quiz (Edulastic if available) 

    -Finish reviewing answers for “The Events Leading to Independence.”


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  • Monday 8/23:

    1. Bell Ringer

    2. Complete colonial regions chart

    3. Work on  Jamestown DBQ

    Tuesday 8/24:

    1. Bell Ringer

    2. Classwork Check Colonial Regions Chart

    3. Review Jamestown Document

    4.Political Cartoon 

    Wednesday 8/25:

    1.Bell Ringer

    2. Colonial Regions Chapter 3-4 Vocabulary Quiz

    3. Review procedures to complete LEAP coach sheets

    Thursday 8/26:

    1. Bellringer 

    2. Begin Chapter 5 Vocabulary Charts (Quiz Wed. 9/1) ***remember 5 additional facts added to chart

    Friday 8/27:

    1. Bell ringer

    2. Complete chapter 5 vocabulary chart (Quiz Wed. 9/1)

    3. Watch Fast Facts about the Proclamation of 1763

    4. Begin Chapter 5 Notes


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  • Friday 8/13:

    1. Introduction to school and classroom procedures

    2. About Me activity

    Monday 8/16:

    1. Bell Ringer

    2. Key Geography Terms

    3. World Map Activity

    Tuesday 8/17:

    1. Bell Ringer

    2. Unit 1 Pre-test (Will not be posted in Canvas, must take on campus)

    3. North America Map Activity

    Wednesday 8/18:

    1. Bell Ringer

    2. Begin Colonies Vocabulary Chart (QUIZ WED. 8/25)

    • 5 extra facts are necessary
    • Classwork check on Friday 8/20

    Thursday 8/19:

    1. Bell Ringer

    2.Complete Colonies Vocabulary Chart

    3. Look at Vocabulary Quizlet

    4. Set grade goals for 1st 9 weeks

    Friday 8/20:

    1. Bell Ringer

    2. Brain Pop- 13 Colonies (5 min)

    3. Colonial Regions chart- fill in from PPT (PowerPoint) and look at map on back.

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