Mrs. Fagan's Science Class

  • For more details, check Canvas (The student must log in).

    Tuesday: End of Unit (Microbiome) Quiz. There are two essay questions, a vocabulary quiz, and you will turn in your booklet.

    Wednesday - Start Unit 2

    BY MONDAY: Each student must have a composition book or have made a booklet (one sheet of blue paper and 5 white sheets). Students were given several opportunities to get the materials in class. 

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  • Welcome to my 6th grade Science Class! 

    TO SEE THE ASSIGNMENTS YOUR CHILD WILL NEED TO LOG INTO HIS/HER CANVAS ACCOUNT. ONCE LOGGED IN THEY CAN SELECT SCIENCE. IF THEY CLICK ON THE LESSON FOR THAT DAY THERE WILL BE MORE INFORMATION ABOUT WHAT WE DID. MOST ASSIGNMENTS ARE COMPLETED IN AMPLIFY. THEY CAN GET TO CANVAS OR AMPLIFY FROM THEIR LAUNCHPAD. THERE ARE SEVERAL WAYS TO GET TO LAUNCHPAD, BUT ONE IS TO GO TO THE CPSB.ORG WEBSITE, SELECT PARENTS/STUDENTS AT THE TOP, AND THEN SELECT LAUNCHPAD.  They can also log into their calendar and it should have a link to what we completed that day. I am trying to load things into Canvas a new way and the kiddos are going to help me decide what works best for them. We will be logging in together on a regular basis, so your child can show you how to navigate the site. Pretend you don't have a clue and let them teach you!!! They love to teach their parents things. 

    This year we will be studying:

    Unit 1: Microbiome -

    Unit 2: Populations and Resources

    Unit 3: Matter & Energy in the Ecosystem

    Unit 4: Force and Motion

    Unit 5: Magnetic Fields

    Unit 6: Earth, Moon, and Sun

    Unit 7: Light Waves

    Unit 8: Force and Motion: Engineering Internship