• 8th Grade LEAP Testing: April 25 - May 2

    The math test is on Tuesday, April 26th

    To review and prepare - there are assignments posted in the following:

    Edulastic:  Practice LEAP Test. When you complete the test, it will show you your answers and the correct answers.

    Classkick:  LEAP Practice Test.  The same as in Edulastic.  It will show you the correct answers as you complete each problem.  Any of the other assignments we completed this year - especially those with functions, equations, and graphing in slope-intercept form - are good reviews.

    The LEAP BOOKS we did in class have those same problems worked out completely worked out, as well as the LEAP Reference Sheet and a Conversion Chart of Common Fractions to Decimals.

    BOOM CARDS:  In addition to the decks completed in class, I have assigned many other decks with additional skills and skills presented in a different manner.  Some of the decks go beyond what we have done in class and have problem types which will not appear on the LEAP.  Just skip the cards that are unfamiliar.