• Red Ribbon Week, October 31 - November 4

    Students have special dress days to show their support for remaining drug free


    IXL Assignments for the 2nd 9 Weeks began this week - October 19th.

    Students may work at home or come to my room 2nd or 7th hour if they need to use a computer - also during lunch. They may eat in my room.

    Click the link below for a PDF of the letter which was sent home on Monday, Oct. 3




    Students may come to my room during my planning periods (2nd and 7th) and during lunch to  make up an assignment or if they need extra help.  This is for any day that we do not have meetings (usually scheduled on Tuesdays).  Students must check with me in the morning on the day they want to come to make sure I will be available. This is not permission to miss any other class -- the PE coaches will usually let them come with a note, but they are not required to do so.  Students should never expect to get out of a core class.


    The link below will take you to BOOM CARDS.  Students may do any of the assigned decks which may be repeated as many times as desired.  Assigned decks change weekly depending on the content we are working on in class.

    Students go to the main login site, their username is their class code name with their class period first.  Their password is their ID number.

    Example:  Login with Boom

    Username:  2groot,  Password:  1234567

    BOOM CARDS:  https://wow.boomlearning.com




    • Take some time to get familiar with the Virtual Classroom Links.  They are resources that will help you throughout the year.  The whiteboard in the Virtual Classroom is where you will find an overview of the week and important dates.


    • On the CALENDAR page, each day has an entry titled "Today's Agenda."  Click on that link to see detailed information on the lesson we covered in class that day, homework, and other assignments or information.