• Welcome to Math

  • Welcome to Mrs. Veronie's school website! My site is continuously under construction as I am updating with new resources for students for virtual/home learning.

    My 'Virtual Classroom' assignments and links to Odysseyware and instructions have been added! In this course tab you will be able to view our daily assignments as well as links to online learning platforms such as ALEKs, Edulastic, edPuzzle for helpful Lesson Videos, etc.

    About Odysseyware: Please understand this platform is new to everyone and we are all learning how to operate it and still working out the kinks. You may have trouble logging in as it has been giving error messages. Please feel free to email me if you are having issues, and also understand that it is OK if you are not able to get in/complete the assignments right now due to technical difficulties and / or internet issues. We will get all students caught up and there will be opportunities later to get any work made up. Also, do not fret if you do poorly on the exercises. Message me for help with questions you get stuck on and I'll be happy to do my best to help with understanding and correct any missed problems. Just do your best and we'll get through this together! Thank you all parents and students for your efforts and patience as we work towards normal again!

     Click on my Syllabus tab. Here you will find helpful information such as grading period dates, necessary supplies needed, and what we expect to learn in 8th grade math.

    For any questions email me at any time at Lynda.Veronie@cpsb.org

    I am SO EXCITED to welcome your student back to face-to-face instruction VERY SOON and share my love of math with them this year!