Weekly Agenda

  • September 18- September 22


    Monday September 18: We will complete Lesson 17 in the Hatchet Unit. 

    Tuesday September 19: We will complete Lesson 18 in the Hatchet Unit. 

    Wednesday September 20: We will complete Lesson 19 in the Hatchet Unit.  For homework, students will complete their Section 5, 6, and 7 Quiz. This is open note and open journal.

    Thursday September 21: We will complete Lesson 20 in the Hatchet Unit.  

    Friday September 22We will complete Lesson 21 in the Hatchet Unit. 

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  • Very Important Website Update!!!

    I found a really great FREE online PDF of Hatchet. I have included a link to it under the Websites tab on this teacher website and under the Pages tab on my Canvas. :) Happy reading!

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  • September 11- 15

    Monday September 11: We will complete Lesson 13 in our Hatchet unit.  

    Tuesday September 12: We will complete Lesson 14 in our Hatchet unit.  

    Wednesday September 13: We will complete Lesson 15 in our Hatchet unit.  

    Thursday September 14: Test Day!!! Ch. 5-10 Hatchet Test!!!!   

    Friday September 15: We will complete Lesson 16 in our Hatchet unit.  

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  • September 5- 8

    Hockety, pockety, wockety, whack! The long weekend's over! I'm glad you came back!

    Tuesday September 5: Last Friday we had a lot of technology issues so some students were able to complete their section 3 quiz and others were not. Those students who need to take their quiz will do so, and those who are finished will complete a "Characterization of Brian" activity that the students did on Friday if their technology didn't work. By the end of today, everyone will have completed the following assignments:

    • Section 3 Quiz
    • Super Cop Writing Prompt
    • "Characterization of Brian" Activity

    Wednesday September 6: We will complete Lesson 10 in our Hatchet unit.

    Thursday September 7: We will complete Lesson 11 in our Hatchet unit.

    Friday September 8: We will complete Lesson 12 in our Hatchet unit.  Extra Credit Opportunity!!! Follow the directions on Page 85 of your purple journal to fill out Page 86. When you have completed page 86, bring it to Mrs. Bravo to check. Successful attempts will be rewarded 10 bonus points to their lowest assignment grade which will increase it to the next letter. Ex. If your lowest assignment grade in my class is an F, the bonus would increase this one grade to a D. This is a RARE opportunity! I strongly encourage you to take advantage of it!

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  • August 28- September 1

    Welcome to another wonderful week at MBMS!

    Monday August 28: We will complete Lesson 6 in the Hatchet Unit. 

    Tuesday August 29: We will complete Lesson 7 in the Hatchet Unit. 

    Wednesday August 30: We will complete Lesson 8 in the Hatchet Unit.   

    Thursday August 31: We will complete Lesson 9 in the Hatchet Unit.  

    Friday September 1: Quiz day!!! We will begin class with a timed narrative writing assignment. Students will be given apx. 20 minutes to write a narrative about the following prompt: "In the not-so-distant future, humans have evolved their sense of smell to match the complexity of a dog's. Think of possible smells in your environment, from pleasant (like flowers) to unpleasant (like garbage). Imagine that you are a police officer in this future world and you are using your keen sense of smell to track down a suspect. What did the criminal do? Why are you tracking them? What are you smelling and how does the mix of smells help or hinder your investigation?" After the timer ends for their writing assignment, they will take the Section 3 Quiz for Hatchet. As always, section quizzes are open-note and open-journal. 

    Items due by this Friday:

    • Section 3 Quiz (Grade)
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  • August 21- 25

    Monday August 21: After grading the Mindset Quiz essays this weekend, I noticed that students needed help with how to use commas and apostrophes. Today we will learn the rules for using both and work together practicing how to edit sentences with these punctuation mistakes. This will be in their test this Friday.

    Tuesday August 22: Computers should be finished setting up today, so students will complete their pre-diagnostic test for the Hatchet unit. This test will help me understand where students are struggling the most and what topics I should slow down on to teach deeper. This test will be a benchmark grade, meaning, students will be given the same test at the end of the unit and they are expected to show growth. It is okay if they fail the pre-test as long as they grow in their second test. Students will be given their 10 vocabulary words to study for their test on Friday.

    Wednesday August 23: We will complete Lesson 4 of Hatchet. For homework, students should study their commas, apostrophes, and vocabulary for the test.

    Thursday August 24: We will complete Lesson 5 of Hatchet and review for our test Friday.

    Friday August 25: We will complete Section 1 and 2 Quiz (5 questions) then take our Ch. 1-4 Hatchet Test.

    Items due by this Friday:

    • Section 1 and 2 Quiz (Grade)
    • Ch. 1- 4 Hatchet Test (Grade)
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  • Welcome to Moss Bluff Middle School! Your new adventure begins now!

    Below you will find a brief outline of what is happening this week. For more details, students should log into their Canvas in order to complete any missed work.

    Friday August 11: We will go over rules and procedures

    Monday August 14: We will study Growth Mindset vs. Fixed Mindset and discover how the way we think can impact our lives. Students are expected to complete a mindset quiz and answer the following question at the bottom of the page: "Use RACES to tell me which category you scored. Make a prediction about why you scored this way. If you score in the 0-16 range, think of one habit you could use to improve your score by the end of this year.

    Tuesday August 15: We set up our 4-5 subject notebooks and learned how to annotate notes and a text. If students miss this day, it is very important that they come to Mrs. Bravo for notes, so they understand what is expected as they closely read the texts in our curriculum. 

    Wednesday August 16: We will complete Lesson 1 of our Hatchet Unit. Please see Canvas for more details for the Hatchet Unit.

    Thursday August 17: We will complete Lesson 2 of our Hatchet Unit.

    Friday August 18: We will complete Lesson 3 of our Hatchet Unit.

    Items due by this Friday

    • All Sign and Return Paperwork and School Fees ($25)
    • Mindset Quiz with written response (Grade)