Welcome to Mrs. Bushnell's 7th Grade American History Class

    • October 24-28 Agenda 

      MONDAY- Homework #2 (due 10/27) & Shays Rebellion

      TUESDAY- Forging a new Constitution

      WEDNESDAY- A New Plan 

      THURSDAY- Problems with the Articles write & Ch 7 vocab test

      FRIDAY-  Articles of Confederation

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  • October 17-21 Agenda 

    MONDAY- Homework #1 (due 10/20) & CH 7 Vocabulary Definitions

    TUESDAY- Creating a New Government

    WEDNESDAY- Articles of Confederation 

    THURSDAY- A New Government for a free country

    FRIDAY-  Articles Doodle Notes

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  • October 3-7 Agenda 

    MONDAY- American History Study Quiz 

    TUESDAY- American History Unit Test

    WEDNESDAY- Alexander Hamilton


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  • September 26-30  Agenda 

    MONDAY- Homework #5 (due 9/29) & Battle of Yorktown

    TUESDAY- Treaty of Paris

    WEDNESDAY- American Revolution Study Guide 

    THURSDAY- American Revolution Competition & Homework #4 DUE

    FRIDAY-  American Revolution Bazinga! 

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  • September 19-23rd  Agenda 

    MONDAY- Homework #4 (due 9/22) & Causes DBQ

    TUESDAY- Bunker Hill 

    WEDNESDAY- Crossing the Delaware

    THURSDAY- Battles of Saratoga & Homework #4 DUE

    FRIDAY-  Valley Forge & Ch 6 Vocabulary Test


    ***All daily work will be turned in on FRIDAY for a "War Battles Packet" grade***

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    • September 12th-16th  Agenda 

      MONDAY- Causes of the Revolution Test & Chapter 6 vocabulary (Test next Friday, 9/23)

      TUESDAY- Rebels 

      WEDNESDAY- 2nd Continental Congress

      THURSDAY- Propaganda

      ***Homework #3 DUE

      FRIDAY-  Was Leaders

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    • September 6-9 Agenda 


      TUESDAY- Intolerable Acts

      WEDNESDAY- Sons of Liberty

      THURSDAY- 1st Continental Congress

      FRIDAY-  Patriots, Loyalists, Neutralists

           ***Chapter 5 Vocabulary TEST***

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    • August 29- September 2 Agenda 

      MONDAY- Chapter 5 vocabulary

      TUESDAY- French and Indian War

      WEDNESDAY- Causes of Revolution

      THURSDAY- Boston Massacre

      ***Homework #2 DUE

      FRIDAY-  Boston Tea Party

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  • August 22-26 Agenda 

    MONDAY- New England Colonies

    TUESDAY- Middle Colonies

    WEDNESDAY- Southern Colonies

    THURSDAY- Colonial Economy

    ***Homework #1 DUE

    FRIDAY-  SLT 1

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  • August 15-19 Agenda 

    MONDAY- Continents and Oceans

    TUESDAY- Map Skills

    WEDNESDAY- Map Skills

    THURSDAY- Latitude and Longitude 

    FRIDAY- Continents and Oceans Test & SLT 1



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    • August 12th Agenda 


      Homeroom- We will check schedules, handbooks, supplies, agenda, school fees, and lockers


      Social Studies Class- We will go over expectations, homework procedures, and work on an American History Timeline

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