Welcome to Mrs. Bushnell's 7th Grade American History Class

  • March 28th- April 1st Agenda 

    MONDAY- Homework #3- Setting the Stage for War, SLT Post Test 1

    TUESDAY- SLT Post Test 2

    WEDNESDAY- Impact of Westward Expansion

    THURSDAY- Frontiersmen

    FRIDAY- Frontiersmen

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  • March 7th-11th Agenda 

    MONDAY- Homework #5- Treaties, War of 1812

    TUESDAY- Consequences of the War of 1812

    WEDNESDAY- Era of Good Feelings

    THURSDAY- Jacksonian Democracy 

    FRIDAY- Jackson Administration

    ***All daily work will be turned in on Friday for a Jackson Packet Grade***

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  • February 21st-25th  Agenda 

    MONDAY- Homework #4- Lewis and Clark, Louisiana Purchase

    TUESDAY- Jefferson's Presidency

    WEDNESDAY-  Time of Conflict

    THURSDAY- Jefferson's Embargo's 

    FRIDAY- Causes of the War of 1812

    ***All daily work will be turned in on Friday for a Jefferson Packet Grade***

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  • February 14th-18th  Agenda 

    MONDAY- Homework #3 - Due 2/18 - Frontiersmen

    TUESDAY- Frontiersmen

    WEDNESDAY- A New Party in Power


    FRIDAY- LEAP Battle

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  • February 7th-11th  Agenda 

    MONDAY- Homework #2 - Due 2/11

    TUESDAY- Chapter 9 Vocabulary Test & A Growing Economy

    WEDNESDAY- Moving West

    THURSDAY- New Ways to Travel

    FRIDAY- Daniel Boone

    (Tuesday - Friday daily work will be turned in and GRADED as a Moving West Packet )

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  • January 31st - February 4th  Agenda 

    MONDAY- Homework #1 - Due 2/4

                    - Chapter 9 Vocabulary (Test 2/7)

    TUESDAY- 1st President

    WEDNESDAY- Early Challenges

    THURSDAY- 1st Political Parties

    FRIDAY- Adams is President

         (Presidential Packet will be graded)

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  • January 24-26th  Agenda 

    MONDAY- Review Early American Government

    TUESDAY- Complete Government Study Guide

    WEDNESDAY- Team Government Game

    THURSDAY- Review for Unit Test

    FRIDAY- Government Unit Test

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  • November 8th-12th  Agenda 

    MONDAY- Homework #3 & Chapter 7 Vocabulary (Test 11/19)

    TUESDAY- Creating a new Government

    WEDNESDAY- Articles of Confederation

    THURSDAY-Veterans Day

    FRIDAY- The Articles & Turn in Homework #3

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  • October 25th- 29th  Agenda 

    MONDAY- Homework #1 & Create your on American Revolution Timeline

    TUESDAY- Revolution - America the Story of Us

    WEDNESDAY- Was the American Revolution writing assignment (GRADED)

    THURSDAY- American Revolution Unit Study Guide (TEST will be on Nov 2nd)

    FRIDAY- American Revolution quizziz review game & Turn in Homework #1

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  • October 19th- 22nd  Agenda 

    MONDAY- Teacher inservice

    TUESDAY- Valley Forge

    WEDNESDAY- Battle of Yorktown

    THURSDAY- Treaty of Paris

    FRIDAY- Newspaper Article Summaries

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  • October 13th- 15th  Agenda 

    MONDAY- Fall Break

    TUESDAY- Fall Break

    WEDNESDAY- Battle of Bunker Hill

    THURSDAY- Crossing the Delaware

    FRIDAY- Battles of Saratoga

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  • October 4th- 8th  Agenda 

    MONDAY- War Propaganda & Homework #7-DUE Friday

    TUESDAY- Make our own Propaganda & Vocabulary CH 6 Test

    WEDNESDAY- Leaders of the Revolutionary War

    THURSDAY- Revolutionary War Group Puzzle

    FRIDAY- Revolutionary War Group Puzzle

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  • September 27th-October 1st Agenda 

    MONDAY- SLT test & Homework #6-DUE Friday

    TUESDAY- Chapter 6 vocabulary

    WEDNESDAY- Rebels

    THURSDAY- 2nd Continental Congress

    FRIDAY- Tech survery and US Flag 

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  • September 20th- 24th Agenda 

    MONDAY- Intolerable Acts & Homework #5-DUE Friday

    TUESDAY- Patriots, Loyalists, & Neutral

    WEDNESDAY- 1st Continental Congress

    THURSDAY-Paul Revere

    FRIDAY- What caused the American Revolution TEST

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  • September 13th- 17th Agenda 

    MONDAY- Townshend Act & Homework #4-DUE Friday

    TUESDAY- Boston Massacre

    WEDNESDAY- Boston Tea Party

    THURSDAY- Intolerable Acts

    FRIDAY- Review

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  • September 7th- 10th Agenda 

    TUESDAY- Chapter 5 Vocabulary & Homework #3-DUE Friday

    WEDNESDAY- French and Indian War

    THURSDAY- Stamp Act 

    FRIDAY- Sons of Liberty and Vocabulary TEST


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