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Ms. Cheramie

In 5th grade, students will explore what it means to be civilized as you learn about the indigenous people of the Americas, European exploration, settlement of the present-day United States, colonial advancement, and the French and Indian War. 

In 6th grade, students will learn about ancient civilizations and how they changed and shaped the Eastern Hemisphere. We will study six ancient civilizations: Mesopotamia, India, Egypt, China, Greece, and Rome. We will also learn about Greek Mythology, The Roman Republic and Empire, The Middle Ages, and end it with the Renaissance and Reformation. Throughout the year, we will continue to learn about the eight features of civilizations: cities, organized central governments, complex religions, job specialization, social classes, writing, arts and architecture, and public works. 


Student Course Resources
This year, students will be working in the Canvas digital platform for our class content. Their course calendar and classroom communications take place within Canvas where detailed assignment information is shared with students in Modules. While parents cannot access these platforms, students have accounts which can be accessed via Launchpad, a single-sign on provider. When accessing Launchpad off the CPSB network, students will be prompted to sign in with their CPSB username and password before their dashboard opens.

Course Communications
Parents and legal guardians can receive communications via email and if the student contact information is up-to-date and accurate. Please ensure that a parent/guardian number is listed in the "Student Cell Phone" field in the Student Progress Center. The field appears on the “phone” page as you confirm your student’s information each year. If you’ve already updated the information, you can recheck this field by selecting “Student Registration Update.” You can visit SPC HERE to make any needed changes to your student's information to receive email and text messages.

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