Welcome to Ms. Wirstrom's ELA Class!

  • Imagine Learning Guidebooks curriculum

    This year, our Tier 1 curriculum is Imagine Learning's Guidebooks. We will work through these units:

    • Flowers For Algernon
    • Sugar Changed the World
    • The Tell-Tale Heart

    Achieve 3000 lessons

    • In addition to the Guidebooks units, students will be working independently on Achieve 3000 lessons. These lessons are articles that students read, and then answer questions about the articles.
    • For my class, students are required to complete 3 Achieve 3000 lessons at 75% or higher per week.
    • Students may complete as many lessons beyond the required 3 that they wish. I give rewards to my students for completing more than 3, and there are prizes for those who complete the most lessons.
    • Students may access Achieve 3000 from Launchpad and do lessons at home.
    • Each term, students receive an Achieve 3000 grade, which is the average of all the Achieve 3000 tests they've taken for that term.

    Accelerated Reader

    • Accelerated Reader (AR) is a website where students take quizzes on books they've read, and they earn points for correct answers.
    • Students are required to earn 9 AR points per term.
    • There is an AR grade every term, based on the points earned and the scores students made on their quizzes.
    • Students may only take AR quizzes at school.
    • To find out how many AR points a book is worth, go to Accelerated Reader Bookfinder US at https://www.arbookfind.com .


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