• End of Year Debt Instructions for Parents

    1. Report cards will be mailed at the end of the school year as designated by the CPSB calendar.
    2. If your child has any school debts you will receive an envelope with their report card and invoice and any other items the school sends home with report cards.
    3. Those Debts include:
      1. Previous school year(s) debt
      2. Registration Fees
      3. Library books not returned or damaged/lost book charges
      4. Cafeteria charges (Free lunch for 2021-2022)
      5. ID charges
      6. Class dues (high school)
      7. Other debts/fees
    4. The student’s balance will be available to view in the Student Progress Center. https://jcampus.cpsb.org/progress/
      1. This is the same system where you can check your student’s grades
        1. If you do not have a login for this system, please contact brandi.fruge@cpsb.org
      2. During the last week of school, Student Progress Center will be temporarily closed. If you have not checked their balance before that time, you can check balances usually 1-2 days after report cards are mailed.
    5. Lunch bills can be paid online via www.myschoolbucks.com , and most other debts can be paid on the school website www.cpsb.org/bellcity or in the front office.
      1. If you are paying in the office, you will need separate checks for each debt type.
    6. For balance or other questions  - contact brandi.fruge@cpsb.org
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