• Agenda week of April 10-15, 2022

    Monday-Review for Section 1 quiz on Behind the Scenes and vocabulary quiz

    Tuesday-Section 1 quiz, vocabulary quiz, and DOL quiz

    Wednesday-Test prep on Edulastic

    Thursday-Test prep on Edulastic

    Friday-Good Friday, no school

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  • Agenda week of March 28-April 1

    Monday-Behind the Scenes Lesson 1

    Tuesday-Lesson 1/Lesson 2

    Wednesday-Lesson 2/ Lesson 3

    Thursday-Lesson 3/Lesson 4

    Friday- Lesson 4/Make up work


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  • Agenda week of March 21-25, 2022

    Monday-Cold read post test

    Tuesday-Cold read post test

    Wednesday-Pass out new materials/prepare for new unit

    Thursday-Setting the context videos

    Friday-Behind the Scenes Lesson1 

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  • Agenda week of March 14, 2022

    Monday- Teacher In service

    Tuesday- Lesson 30, Rough drafts

    Wednesday- Lesson 31 Peer edit

    Thursday- Lesson 31/32 Revising

    Friday- Lesson 32 Final draft

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