• Mrs. Neal

    Rules & Procedures

    • Have your laptop fully charged for class everyday.
    • Enter the classroom QUIETLY and on time.
      • Excessive tardiness is a suspensible offense. 
      • Three tardies in any class constitutes an office tardy referral for disciplinary action.
      • Tardy up to 5 minutes after the bell is considered as skipping. You must come notify me if you need more time in the restroom.
    • Sit in your assigned seat, according to Mrs. Neal's seating chart.
    • Begin on your bell ringer, copy the closing prompt from the board, check your Grade Tracker, then look to the board for your next steps until Mrs. Neal begins class.
    • Always take notes during instruction.
    • Pay attention to the instructions.
    • Ask only relevant questions at appropriate times.
    • You may NOT move about the room for any reason during instruction. 
    • If working with groups, stay on task and work only with your group members.
    • Raise your hand if you need to speak, need to move, or need help.
    • No food or drinks in the classroom unless permitted by your teacher. 
    • Use good manners, show respect, and be considerate of others. 

    Cell Phones

    Cell phones should not be seen at all in class! If a cell phone is used or turned on in class:

    • First Offense: one day ISI/confiscation of phone
    • Second Offense: one day suspension/confiscation of phone
    • Third Offense: two day suspension/confiscation of phone
    • Fourth Offense: shall result in a recommendation of an expulsion hearing

    If a cell phone is seen in class:

    • First Offense: one day ISI/confiscation of phone
    • Second Offense: one day suspension/confiscation of phone
    • Third Offense: two day suspension/confiscation of phone
    • Fourth Offense: may result in a recommendation of an expulsion hearing

    Classroom Jobs

    • Date Changer (2nd hour only)
    • Bell Ringer Distributor 
    • Bell Ringer Collector
    • Attendance Checker 
    • Make-up Work Manager
    • Supply Distributor
    • Supply Collector
    • Waste Management
    • Time Keeper
    • Laptop Checker


    • Yellow Card: This card is your official warning to discontinue your inappropriate behavior.
    • Orange Card: A conference with your teachers and parents/guardians will be scheduled. If misbehavior continues, you will be removed from class.
    • Red Card: You now have punish work because you did not stop the inappropriate behavior. If it is not turned in, you will have lunch detention.
    • Green Card: Now you must go to the office because your behavior is still not appropriate.


    You can email me at neah.neal@cpsb.org anytime. You will also get messages from me on BB Comms. There is an icon for the app on CPSB Launchpad and also in the App Store. Please update your contact information in J-Campus to make sure you stay in touch!

    Grading Scale

    A (4.0-3.50) 93%-100%

    B (3.49-2.50) 85%-92%

    C (2.49-1.50) 75%-84%

    D (1.49-1.00) 67%-74%

    F (Below 1.00) 66%-0%

    Grades are updated weekly on J-Campus. Make sure you check regularly.

    Make-up Work

    It is YOUR responsibility to make arrangements to make up missed work. Usually, your work is on Canvas and can be completed online when you are away from school. 

    If you are not able to complete your work during your absence, you have three class periods after the day you missed to turn it in or you will receive an F on the assignment.

    The work you missed will be listed on your Absent Sheet in the Make-Up Folder for your class when you return.

    Late Work

    If you are present in class and fail to turn in assignments at the assigned time, late work will only be accepted at my discretion.

    It is YOUR responsibility to ask for additional time, keep track of your missing work, and ask for help when needed.

    Nine-Week Periods

    1st Nine-Week Period: 10/17/2022

    2nd Nine-Week Period: 1/9/2023

    3rd Nine-Week Period: 3/16/2023

    4th Nine-Week Period: 5/24/2023

    CPSB Calendar

    Copy the link below and paste it into any calendar app that takes iCal feeds (Google Calendar, iCal, Outlook, etc.) to keep up with important dates.