• Unit 1 Topic One: Westward Expansion (US 2.1-3) 


    Connections to the unit claim: Students investigate the social, political, and economic antagonism that existed between ethnic and cultural groups on the Western Frontier, the rise of the Transcontinental railroad and its impact on the people of the West, and the rise of the Populist movement to address the concerns of the American Farmer. Students apply what they learn to analyze how Western Expansion affected the nation’s identity.  


    Standard: US 2.1-3

    Timeline: August 22 - September 9, 2022

    *WS = worksheet/handout


    1. Notes - 4 Square
    2. WS--> U.S. History: The Dawes Act and the Homestead Act
    3. WS--> The Homestead Act
    4. WS--> Dawes Act 1887
    5. Notes -  Compare Dawes Act/Homestead Act
    6. WS--> Westward Expansion - Impact on Native Americans Summary
    7. WS--> Battle of Wounded Knee
    8. WS--> Why did Americans pass the 1882 Chinese Exclusion Act
    9. WS--> Binding the Nation by Rail (watch to 12:07)
    10. The Transcontinental Railroad Unites | America: The Story of Us (S1, E6) | Full Episode | History



    1. Notes -  Migrations: From Exodusters to Great Migrations


    1. FYI - WATCH: Nicodemus, KS | The Black Experience Moving West




    1. WS--> Life on a Farm
    2. WS--> The Growth of Populism
    3. Notes - Populist Party
    4. Assessment - Edulastic