• The Calcasieu Parish Elementary Department embraces the philosophy that all children can learn.  Our students are our highest priority, and we believe that all students deserve a bright future.  In order for us to move Louisiana from the bottom in the state performance rankings, we must better prepare our students by getting them reading on-grade level.  Therefore, our primary focus for 2023-24 is Literacy.  Following LDOE’s Literacy Mission: Louisiana students will have improved literacy outcomes through high-quality instruction and interactions by an effective teacher who is supported by leaders and families, the Elementary Department has concentrated support efforts on the following four pillars.   

    1. Focus on improving Literacy in core and interventions by providing professional development on assessments beginning with content knowledge, creating time in the schedules, and providing aligned materials.
    2. Increasing teacher knowledge of the curriculum by offering numerous content-centered professional development opportunities, weekly curriculum updates, and other opportunities to dive deeper into curriculum supports.
    3. Improving teacher collaboration meetings (PLCs or Cluster meetings) and Instructional Leadership Team meetings (ILTs) by modeling exemplary examples in our monthly meetings and assigning an elementary consultant to support each elementary school through visits and assistance throughout the school year.
    4. Building leaders by focusing on the leadership team and their role as well as curriculum coaching through observation cycles.

    In addition to the basics, all children are given access to programs that meet their physical, social, and psychological needs. Each school is equipped with a full-time counselor, physical education program, and enrichment courses. The implementation of technology, including one-to-one devices for all students, along with a wealth of innovative resources for students of all ages.  A well-rounded special education program and gifted education are included.

    The Department prides itself in the numerous awards and recognitions that the schools have obtained. We further believe that with greater emphasis being placed on alignment and Professional Development, our schools will continue to excel.