Welcome Students and Parents

  • Welcome Students and Parents to CPAS-West! 


    In our class we will have be integrating Edgenuity (our new online software) with Canvas. Our main goal in this class is to be able to have each student prepared to return to their homeschool with ease. 

    1.     Face-to-Face students in class must be wearing a mask. It is required. Zero exceptions.
    2.     Students that are Face-to-Face  must sanitize  their hands  before  coming  into class. It  is required.  Zero exceptions.
    3.     Students that are Face-to-Face must be 6 ft. apart at all times.  It  is required.  Zero exceptions.



  • Today is our "B Day" or as I like to call it, ELECTIVES DAY! 


    1. Check Here
    2. Check Canvas 
    3. Tuesday (today) Achieve 3000 ELA 
    4. Edgenuity 
    5. Suite 360 

    Juniors and Seniors: We are fixing to get into ACT PREP. So make sure each of you can login to Mastery Prep from LaunchPad. If you can not, please let me know ASAP 

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  • We have about 20 school days until 10/19/2021 release date. 



    Few Things Before we begin: 

    1. I discussed with each class that YOU (as a Student) can NOT attend ANY CPSB event, Homecoming,  or GAMES. THIS includes YOUR Homeschools.
    2. If you are caught at any of these events an additional 45 days will be added to your time. 
    3. Grades, Attendance, and Release Dates
      1. To be released from CPAS-West, YOU need to have:
          • Passing GRADES ( 67% or BETTER)
          • Attendance ( You must attend 90 %) is a must. Minus you being out for COVID or sickness. There is NOT reason for you NOT to be here.
          • Release Dates: These are the dates that was set by your homeschool, but they can be CHANGED, ADDED TO (if it is necessary)
    4. I know you are capable of the things that we ask at CPAS-WEST.  I believe IN YOU.  YOU ARE CAPABLE!!! 



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