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    Go to our class Canvas Page!

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    On canvas you will find a detailed agenda of our classroom activites and lessons including work missed.

    If you miss an assignment, you will have 3 days from your last date of absence to turn in/make up the work.

    If you miss a test, get with me to schedule a make-up time.



    Weekly Agenda

    Week of 1/2 - 1/6

    Chapter 9 Vocabulary Test: Tuesday, January 10th 

    Monday: No School

    Tuesday: Chapter 9 Introduction- Pg. 238; Define Chapter 9 Vocabulary Terms- finish for homework

    Wednesday: SLT 1 Post Test

    Thursday: SLT 2 Post Test- Finish Both

    Friday: Review Vocabulary Terms


    Week of 1/9 - 1/13

    Monday: Chapter 9 Section 1 Notes

    Tuesday: Chapter 9 Vocabulary Test

    Wednesday: Section 2 Notes

    Thursday: Section 2 Deep Dive Lesson on the Louisiana Slave Labor System

    Friday: Section 3 Notes


    Week of 1/16 - 1/20

    Monday: No School - MLKjr. Day

    Tuesday: Deep Dive into Antebellum Louisiana Politics- Louisiana Constitutions/Laws and Political Parties

    Wednesday: Constructed Response

    Thursday: With Sub- Guided Reading Packet due Friday at the end of class

    Friday: With Sub- Turn in Guided Reading Packet and begin working on Chapter 9 Review Worksheet  


    Week of 1/23 - 1/27

    Monday: With Sub- Chapter 10 Vocabulary- Part 1 Worksheet

    Tuesday: Half-Day- 15 min. Video on Slave Labor System

    Wednesday: Extra point opportunity- Chapter 9 Practice quiziz

    Thursday: Chapter 9 Test on Edulastic

    Friday: Review Chapter 10 Vocabulary Part 1; Begin Chapter 10 Vocabulary Part 2


    Week of 1/30 - 2/3

    Monday: Review Chapter 10 Vocabulary Part 2; Begin Chapter 10 Section 1 Notes

    Tuesday: Finish Section 1 Notes; Begin Section 2 Notes

    Wednesday: Finish Section 2 Notes; Begin Section 3 Notes

    Thursday: Finish Section 3 Notes

    Friday: Bell Ringers Due; Finish Section 3 Notes


    Week of 2/6 - 2/10

    Monday: Finish Chapter 10 Notes; Whole group discussion

    Tuesday - Friday: With Sub-- Guided Reading Chapter 11 and LEAP Sources Practice


    Week of 2/13 - 2/17

    Monday: Review Classroom Rules and Procedures; Begin Chapter 11 Review

    Tuesday: Chapter 11 Review; Whole group discussion; Begin Chapter 12 Vocabulary

    Wednesday: Chapter 12 Vocabulary Review; Civil War Split-Page Notes

    Thursday: 64 Parishes Article and finish Split-Page Notes

    Friday: With Sub- Chapter 10 Study Guide


    Week of 2/20 - 2/24

    Monday - Wednesday: Mardi Gras Break

    Thursday: With Sub- Chapter 11 Study Guide

    Friday: With Sub- Split-Page Notes (Bourbon Democrats)


    Week of 2/27 - 3/3

    Monday: With Sub- Finish all Split-Page Notes (Jim Crow and Sharecropping)

    Tuesday: Review Chapter 10, 11, and 12 Study Guide

    Wednesday: Constructed Response

    Thursday: Unit 3 Test

    Friday: Begin Jim Crow Louisiana and Progressive Era


    Week of 3/6 - 3/10

    Monday: Intro to Chapter 13; Chapter 13 Vocabulary Review

    Tuesday: Chapter 12 and 13 Timeline

    Wednesday: Jim Crow Discussion and Worksheet

    Thursday: Oil Discovered in Louisiana

    Friday: Bell Ringers Due; Review Oil In Louisiana Worksheet


    Week of 3/13 - 3/17

    Monday: No School-- Teacher In-Service

    Tuesday: Flood of 1927 Split-Page Notes-- Highlight information in source

    Wednesday: Breaking down constructed response prompts; review an extended response question

    Thursday: Intro to Huey Long

    Friday: Chapter 13 Section 1 Notes on Canvas; Huey Long Practice Quiziz