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    On canvas you will find a detailed agenda of our classroom activites and lessons including work missed.

    If you miss an assignment, you will have 3 days from your last date of absence to turn in/make up the work.

    If you miss a test, get with me to schedule a make-up time.



    Weekly Agenda

    Week of 8/14 - 8/18

    U.S. Map Assignment Due Friday (8/18)

    Monday: Mrs. McMahon's Classroom Rules and Procedures; Test Day Procedures; Binder Organization

    Tuesday: Begin Curriculum Review; Begin U.S. Map Assignment

    Wednesday: Finish U.S. Map Assignment and turn in; Begin Louisiana Map

    Thursday: Begin Reconstruction Review and Jim Crow America

    Friday: U.S. Map Assignment DUE; Jim Crow America; Literacy Test


    Week of 8/21 - 8/25

    Bell Ringers Week 1 Due Friday (8/25)

    Jim Crow America Quiz Friday (8/25)

    Monday: Jim Crow America Presentation and note taking

    Tuesday: Wrap up Jim Crow America; LEAP Review- Lenses (Social, Political, Economic); Colfax Massacre

    Wednesday: Critical Thinking Question- Using Evidence to prove a Claim; Big Question Worksheet

    Thursday: Review for Quiz; Ida B. Wells and Mary Church Terrell

    Friday: Bell Ringers Due; Jim Crow America Quiz


    Week of 8/28 - 9/1

    Monday: Begin Westward Expansion (Unit 1: Topic 2) by defining vocabulary terms; Read article and fill out Push/Pull Factors Chart

    Tuesday: Manifest Destiny Photo Analysis Worksheet; Westward Expansion Presentation Notes

    Wednesday: Westward Expansion Presentation Notes

    Thursday: Westward Expansion Presentation Notes

    Friday: With Sub-- Indian Wars Graphic Organizer-- Use Presentation Notes to complete (also on Canvas)


    Week of 9/4 - 9/8

    Westward Expansion Quiz Friday (9/8)

    Monday: No School-- Labor Day

    Tuesday: Wrap up Westward Expansion Notes; Assimilation and Dawes Act

    Wednesday: Quiz Review; Intro to Unit 1 Research Project

    Thursday: Complete research for Unit 1 Research Project 

    Friday: Quiz 2-- Westward Expansion; Finish Research for Unit 1 Research Project


    Week of 9/11 - 9/15

    Unit 1 Test Friday: Jim Crow America and Westward Expansion (9/15)

    Monday: Begin Project Board for Unit 1 Research Project

    Tuesday: Work on Unit 1 Research Project

    Wednesday: Work on Unit 1 Research Project

    Thursday: Extra Point Opportunity

    Friday: Unit 1 Test-- Jim Crow America and Westward Expansion


    Week of 9/18 - 9/22

    Monday: Begin Unit 2- Topic 1 Notes Presentation; Record new vocabulary terms

    Tuesday: Oil In Louisiana; Turn in Exit Ticket for a Grade

    Wednesday: Unit 2- Topic 1 Notes Presentation; Work on defining vocabulary terms

    Thursday: Unit 2- Topic 1 Notes Presentation

    Friday: Unit 2- Topic 1 Notes Presentation


     Week of 9/25 - 9/29
    Monday: Wrap up Industrialization; Constructed Response Practice, Immigration Article
    Tuesday: Begin Urbanization and Immigration
    Wednesday: Urbanization Deep Dive
    Thursday: Urbanization and Immigration Constructed Response Practice
    Friday: Populism in the Gilded Age