• 2016-2017 AR Requirements


    • Read at least one (1) AR book per nine weeks.   Books should be selected based on interest.  Quizzes taken on novels or stories read in English may be turned in for extra credit in your English class, but will not count as your AR book for the nine weeks.
    •  You will receive an AR grade in your 3rd Hour teacher’s class.  It will be 3% of your 3rd hour grade. 
    • You may only take AR tests in the library or your 3rd hour teacher’s classroom.
    • When taking an AR test in the library, print the report and bring it to Mrs. White to sign.  You will then turn in the report to your 3rd Hour teacher to receive your grade. If you take a test on a novel or story read in English the test will be signed and marked as extra credit.
    • Incentives for Students
        • Any student who takes an AR test and passes with 90-100% will receive a free shirt day. Arm bands will be given to those who earn the free shirt day.    
        • Any student who scores 80% or higher on an AR test will be placed in a drawing for Cinemark gift cards. The more tests that you take, the more times your name will be entered.  There will be multiple winners. *Tests on novels or stories read in English will not count.
    • Incentive for Teachers – The top 3-5 teachers with the highest 3rd hour class participation in AR will receive jean passes.

    Grading Period

    Last Day for AR Tests

    1st Nine Weeks

    October 5

    2nd Nine Weeks

    January 4

    3rd Nine Weeks

    March 10

    4th Nine Weeks

    May 12