2020-21 BELL SCHEDULE  



    First Bell

    Report to class

    7:40 - 8:27

    1st Hour


    8:33 - 9:20

    2nd Hour


    9:25 - 10:12

    3rd Hour



    4th Hour



    5th Hour for 2nd Lunch Classrooms

    2nd Lunch 11:56 – 12:26


    5th Hour for 1st

    Lunch Classrooms

    1st Lunch 11:04 – 11:34


    6th Hour


    1:23 - 2:10

    7th Hour


    2:15 - 3:02

    8th Hour




     Please note:  Special bell schedules will be followed for testing and other special activities.  These will be announced on an “as needed” basis.


    **First lunch classrooms—the Freshman Academy, the University, the Science Building, Girls’ Gym, NJROTC, T buildings, Choir, Theater Arts, and Band

    **Second lunch classrooms—the main building, Boys’ Gym, and FACS.


    When helping a student determine which lunch they attend, please look at his or her scheduled sixth hour class and reference the information above.