French & Spanish as a Second Language

    French or Spanish as a Second Language classes are offered in elementary, middle, and high schools in the district.

    Learning a language from an early age encourages success in all other areas. Students who study a foreign language often have a larger vocabulary and mastery of language than their peers who do not have the opportunity to participate in the program.

    At the middle school level, if a student takes three consecutive years in the same language, they may receive one Carnegie unit in French I or Spanish I on their high school transcripts.

    Being exposed to World Languages early gives students a definite advantage over students who have not been exposed in their high school studies and beyond.

    Some of our French teachers are local teachers who work diligently to preserve our own Louisiana Heritage. Some of our teachers from France, Belgium, Africa, and Canada are part of a teacher exchange program through CODOFIL (Council for the Development of French in Louisiana).

    Some of our teachers from Spain, Mexico, and South America are part of a teacher exchange program through the Louisiana Department of Education.

    These international associate teachers enrich the culture and language experience for our students.

    French and Spanish Immersion Programs

    Language Immersion is a highly effective method of becoming bilingual (speaking two languages). Students have English/Language Arts in the morning and are then taught other subjects (Math, Social Studies, Science, etc.) in the “target language” of either French or Spanish. Native speakers from around the world, as well as teachers from our own backyard, interact with your child for a well-rounded learning experience. Being immersed in a language has been proven to be the most highly efficient method of learning. Your child will graduate from high school with a level of language equal to or greater than third year college students.

    French Immersion Programs School Website Spanish Immersion Programs School Website
    Henry Heights Elem. http://henryheights.cpsb.org Frasch Elementary http://frasch.cpsb.org
    Gillis Elementary http://gillis.cpsb.org Oak Park Elementary http://oakpark.cpsb.org
    Prien Lake Elem. http://prienlake.cpsb.org Fairview Elementary https://www.cpsb.org/fairview 
    S. J. Welsh Middle http://welsh.cpsb.org Oak Park Middle http://oakpark.cpsb.org 
    Moss Bluff Middle http://mossbluff.cpsb.org W.W. Lewis Middle http://lewis.cpsb.org
    Barbe High School http://barbehigh.cpsb.org Sulphur High School http://sulphur.cpsb.org
    Sam Houston High http://samhouston.cpsb.org    

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