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    Calcasieu Parish School System

    Welcome to Calcasieu Parish Schools. The Office of Child Welfare and Attendance hopes to provide you the information needed to make your child’s enrollment process easier.

    Enrollment in Calcasieu Parish Schools is temporary (up to thirty (30) days) pending receipt of all required records. The legal guardian is responsible for providing the required records to the school in a timely fashion. Failure to do so may result in your child being terminated from the school’s enrollment. When you go to register the student at school, you will need the following papers: The permit from CWA, birth certificate, social security card, custody papers (if there are any), and parent ID.

    Address Verification Required:

    Calcasieu Parish School Board Policy requires you to verify your address in order to register your child (Grades K-12) in the appropriate attendance zone. In order to do this, you must provide copies of two different current utility bills - electric bill (full page) MUST be one of the bills having your name, service address, and address on them; for example, gas, water, telephone, or cablevision statements along with the required electric bill. Copy of Parent ID is required. (CWA no longer makes copies of your records. You will need to come to the office with copies.) Please provide a set of copies for each child you are obtaining a permit for.

    If the legal guardian is living with someone else and has no utility statements in his/her name, he/she will need to provide

    • A notarized statement from the person with whom the guardian is living which verifies that he/she resides with the householder.
    • Two (2) current utility statements verifying homeowner address (one MUST be an electric bill)
    • Picture ID of the homeowner.
    • Picture ID of the parent.

    Custody Papers:

    In addition, if custody of your child has changed because of separation and/or divorce, you may be asked to furnish a copy of a judicial order of custody; thus you are advised to bring your custody papers with you. Also, if you have been given custody of a child by judicial court order, bring those papers.

    Birth Certificate:

    An official copy of your child’s birth certificate is required by Louisiana law and by Calcasieu Parish School Board policy. If you do not have an official copy, the school or this office can furnish you with the address needed to order one.

    Social Security Card:

    Board policy requires that a social security number (card) be furnished to the school. This number is necessary for the maintenance of all student records.


    Academic Records:

    A guardian should accompany a child to school to register for the first time to furnish information needed by the school that the student may not be able to provide. The report card and transfer records from the previous school, if available, should be taken to the school at this time, as the school may need this information to properly place the student. However, the school will accept a student without academic records. Placement of a student without records will be temporary, and the receiving school will request the records from the previous school. However, the final responsibility for the attainment of school records belongs to the legal guardian.


    The school personnel can answer these questions where you register your child. Parents/guardians are advised to inquire about these issues at the time of registration.

    Permits may be obtained from the Office of Child Welfare and Attendance, 2423 Sixth Street, Lake Charles, LA 70601, between the hours of 7:30—11:30 and 1:00—3:30.

    New Dates:

    • Monday, July 8, 2019, CWA will begin writing permits for Ward 3 schools.

    To speed up the process, please provide your own copies.

    CWA will no longer make copies. Each child will need their own set of copies.

    If you are unable to provide the documentation outlined, you should call the Office of Child Welfare and Attendance at 217-4230 before reporting for a permit to register.

    Best wishes for a successful school year for your child.