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Red Ribbon Week Oct. 23-31

red ribbon Monday- BARBE ELEMENTARY PATRIOTS PLEDGE TO BE DRUG FREE… Wear RED today to showing your pledge for a healthy lifestyle!

tie Tuesday- DON’T GET TIED UP IN BAD CHOICES… Wear a TIE today pledging to make good choices for a drug free lifestyle!

boots Wednesday- BE A LEADER WHO GIVES DRUGS THE BOOT… Wear BOOTS today showing that you kick peer pressure to the curb!

Crazy Socks Thursday- MAKE GOOD CHOICES AND SOCK IT TO DRUGS… Wear CRAZY SOCKS today showing that you are not afraid to say “NO” to drugs!

Sunglasses Friday- SHADE OUT DRUGS AND PEER PRESSURE… Wear SUNGLASSES today to shade out the negative and focus on positive choices for a bright future!



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