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Advanced Placement and More



Advanced Placement Courses are offered for those students who want to learning challenging material at a rigorous pace.  Students taking AP Courses are required to take the AP Exam for their course.  Each exam cost $94.00 for regular lunch students and $53.00 for free/reduced lunch students.  AP Exam fees can be paid to Barbe High School beginning August 15 through September 30.  Students that do not pay for their exam will not be allowed to remain in the AP Course.  AP Exams will be administered May 1 through  May 12 at Barbe High School.  Students will receive their scores by logging into in July.  Students receiving a score of 3, 4 or 5 on the exam will be eligible to earn college credit for that course.   *Students should check with the college/university they plan to attend to see if the college accepts Advanced Placement Course credits and how many credits they will award for each AP Exam.  Students may take exams without taking the AP Course, although that is not recommended.  has a list of all AP Exams that are available.  Please call the school for additional information.

Alfred M. Barbe High School offers the following AP Courses:

Biology II


Chemistry II

English III (Language)

English IV (Literature)

Environmental Science


US Government

US History

Human Geography

Physics I



Studio Art

European History

Music Theory




Supplemental Course Academy

                The Supplemental Course Academy (SCA) gives school districts and other public schools an MFP allocation related to the cost of high school credit courses.  It is individualized to the needs of secondary students and is provided outside the traditional secondary school.

Funds allocated through SCA will target the following types of courses for high school credit:

•             Career and technical preparation

•             Academic work required to achieve TOPS

•             Advanced coursework not available at the school due to limited resources

•             Dual Enrollment

•             Intensive remediation for students struggling to stay on pace for graduation

The SCA registration portal can be accessed at

Please direct all inquiries about the program to