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COE e-Olympics 2020

COE, today we will begin introducing each of the countries, leading up to our first annual 2020 e-Olympics almost-Summer special presentation. The 2020 e-Olympics will take place all day on Wednesday, May 13th.


Families and faculty will post images/videos of the sporting events being conducted and nation research-provided by the paper packets and online learning. These videos/images will be posted under their grade-level post on May 13th. Points will be tallied for likes, loves, laughs, and comments. Below is a list of the events that will be held!


Event 1: Gymnastics Rhythmic (i.e. free-style dancing, ballet, etc.)

Event 2: Cycling (i.e. riding your bike)

Event 3: Basketball (i.e. any activity with movement and a ball)

Event 4: Gymnastics Artistic (i.e. Cartwheels, tumbling, etc.)

Event 5: Athletics (i.e. running, sprints, hurdles, etc.)