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E-Olympics Day- Kickoff on May 13th!

We would like to present to you the countries competing in the 2020 almost-summer e-Olympics special presentation this Wednesday, May 13th. Please be reminded that on Wednesday, each family and faculty member is to post images, videos, and comments of research learned of the grade-level represented country and virtual completion of any of the five e-Olympic events. Reminder: the more participation per grade-level, the better (e.g. post it, like it, love it!)


Event 1: Gymnastics Rhythmic (i.e. free-style dancing, ballet, etc.)

Event 2: Cycling (i.e. riding your bike)

Event 3: Basketball (i.e. any activity with movement and a ball)

Event 4: Gymnastics Artistic (i.e. Cartwheels, tumbling, etc.)

Event 5: Athletics (i.e. running, sprints, hurdles, etc.)