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UPDATE: We do not have a physical return date for T.S. Cooley. We will have at least a 3 day notice before face to face instruction begins. Virtual instruction will begin Monday, September 28. Please read all information released by CPSB in the September 22 - Rebuilding Update for directions to access virtual instruction. Stay tuned to all CPSB outlets for further details. 



CPSB announced a school closure update yesterday, 8/29/20, that can be found at All schools and facilities are currently closed until further notice. Additional information will be released in the coming weeks.


We know that many of our families are considering temporarily enrolling their children in a new school. We will gladly welcome all current T.S. Cooley students back with open arms when our doors are able to open again. All families are advised to stay tuned to CPSB outlets for the latest information. 


We continue to extend our love, prayers and blessings to our T.S. Cooley families and our surrounding community. What we've experienced is daunting, but we truly believe in the strength of our teamwork.