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We can't wait to welcome our students back Monday! Our school sustained minimal damage through both hurricanes and we are extremely thankful for a virtually untouched learning environment. 

Important reminders that were sent in the automated call:

  • Uniforms are not required for CPSB students until further notice. Students can wear appropriate free dress clothing with closed toe shoes.
  • Spirit items will be distributed for those students that preordered items this summer. Unfortunately, students will not be allowed to wear the buffs that were sold by our school due to a change in policy. We apologize for the inconvenience. Masks will be available for all students. (Our PTO will soon share creative ways to display buffs that were purchased!)
  • The MSU and Burton Coliseum bus locations are not accessible. These pickup and dropoff locations have been moved to Walk-On's on Common Street until further notice.

Please note that all CPSB students will also receive free breakfast and lunch for the entire 2020 - 2021 school year. Hooray!

We will be confirming enrollment intentions for all students that are unable to report for face to face instruction. Information will soon be shared regarding those students that wish to stay virtual for the entire school year and those students that simply cannot return for face to face instruction at this time. 

Please don't hesitate to contact our front office with any questions or concerns. As always, the continued support from our Cooley family is appreciated! 




T.S. Cooley will reopen for staff this Friday, October 16th. Students will report for the first day on Monday. October 19th. 

All safety procedures and return guidelines listed below are still in place. 

We can't wait to finally welcome our students for what will be a great school year! 


10/6/2020 PM UPDATE

All CPSB schools and offices will be closed Wednesday, October 7 through Friday, October 9 due to the recent track of Hurricane Delta shifting westward. Updated information will be relayed to families regarding the status of school no later than Sunday at 5:00 p.m.


**10/6/20 updates are noted in red.**



Office Hours:

  • Our staff will return to campus for the first time on Monday, October 5th. Please feel free to contact the office with any questions or concerns beginning Tuesday, October 6th between 8:30 - 2:00
  • Our school currently has internet access and limited phone service. Phone service will be in place prior to our official first day with students. 

School Hours:

  • There have been no changes to our schedule.
    -Side gates will open for dropoff at 7:15. 
    -Students are considered tardy after 7:45.
    -Dismissal begins at 3:00 and ends at 3:15 for car riders.
  • Students will report directly to their homeroom classrooms upon arrival.

Food Services:

  • All CPSB students will receive free meals through December. This includes breakfast and lunch.
  • Any payments in your child's account will remain in their account for future use.
  • Students will report directly to their classroom each morning and will then be invited to the cafeteria if they wish to eat breakfast.

Bus Transportation:

  • We are not expecting any changes to our bus schedule at this time. Times and routes can be accessed on this site under Quicklinks. 
  • All students are still required to wear a mask on the bus.
  • The pickup and dropoff location for our south Lake Charles bus has a few adjustments. There will be no pickup and dropoff at MSU or Burton Coliseum. The new location for both of these sites is the large lot next to Walk-on's on Common Street. 

Extended Day Program:

  • Our Extended Day program will begin on the first day of school, October 8th.
  • Monthly tuition is required. There will be no drop-in enrollment this school year.
  • There is no action required if your child was registered with the appropriate paperwork in August.
  • New Extended Day students can access the forms on our website and drop them off at the school before Thursday. Packets are also available in our offfice for those without internet/printer access. 
  • Parents will not be allowed in the building for pickup due to Covid safety procedures. Please pull in the front circle drive and call the number that will be posted on the sign. Your child will be escorted to their vehicle and signed out by a T.S. Cooley staff member.
  • Any questions regarding payment or enrollment can be emailed to


  • All of the supplies that were dropped off at the school for Meet & Greet are still in great condition. There is no need to send additional supplies at this time. 

Covid/Safety Protocols:

  • There have been no changes to our Covid safety procedures. Students will still have their temperature checked each morning and masks must be worn during transitions (arrival, hallway transitions, dismissal) for all students. Students in grades 3 - 5 will also wear masks during all other instructional times. Neck gaiters/buffs will not be allowed. 
  • It is the responsibility of each parent to notify the office immediately if their child has been directly exposed to someone with Covid or has tested positive for Covid.
  • Each family will be notified with a general message when a positive Covid case has been in our school. Individual families will be contacted if their child was in direct contact of someone with a positive case.

Spirit Items/Yearbooks:

  • Spirit items will be sent home with those students that pre-purchased items by the advertised deadline.
  • The final deadline to order spirit items will be October 30th for both Kajun Monograms and Cayenne Marketing. (Links to order are located on the headlines of our school website.)
  • The regulation on neck buffs has changed for all schools in Louisiana. These are no longer allowed. We apologize for the inconvenience and are unable to offer a refund at this time.
  • The deadline to order yearbooks will be extended to November 30th. We will share more information soon.

Alternate Enrollment:

  • If your child was enrolled in another school during evacuation we will need the paperwork you receive from the school when they are dropped from their enrollment. 
  • This paperwork can be dropped off in our mailbox in front of the school, or dropped off between the hours of 8:30 - 2:00 next Monday - Wednesday.


  • The CPSB uniform requirement has been waved until the end of October.
  • Students are invited to wear their uniforms if they have them, but all other school appropriate clothing will be allowed.

Virtual Instruction:

  • Students that choose to remain in virtual instruction provided by CPSB will continue using Odysseyware.
  • Odysseyware will be transitioned to virtual instruction provided by CPSB Connected Classroom teachers once power is restored in our community.
  • Grading guidance for the first nine weeks will be issued soon. 


  • Our priority will be to provide a safe and secure place for our students where they feel loved and valued. 
  • Communication is essential. Please keep us posted with the needs of your family and any specific issues or concerns with your child.
  • Homework will be minimal as we recognize the unique needs of each family during this time. 


Each family is invited to complete the following survey no later than Monday, October 5th: 
Families that do not complete this survey will be contacted prior to the start of school.

Please feel free to reach out by email with any other questions or concerns. 



Each family is invited to respond to the following survey no later than Monday, October 5th. 

All updates to questions regarding the reopening of school will be posted here within the next few days as answers are confirmed. 




Here's the update we've all been waiting for: We can't wait to welcome our students back to our campus next Thursday, October 8th for our official first day of school! Stay tuned to our website for answers to ALL of your questions. 



The following information was released in an automated call:

We know everyone is anxious to know when our school will reopen for face to face instruction. Repairs are still being made and we have no completion date for these repairs. Many have volunteered to help on campus. Unfortunately, our campus is still closed for staff and guests until repairs are complete.


Virtual learning begins tomorrow. All students are enrolled in Odysseyware. Students that are enrolled in Connected Classrooms will be using the same program. Many of you have contacted us about enrollment options that differ from what was in place in August. No current T.S. Cooley student will be penalized for alternate enrollment. We will send out a survey once we have a return date to confirm enrollment intentions for each of our T.S. Cooley families.


Until then, know that our district is working hard to return a sense of normalcy for our students, staff and entire community. We know that devices and internet connection will be a barrier for many during this time. We are not immune to the same issues. Stay tuned to CPSB and read all of the FAQ documents that are released to answer all questions about instruction during this transitional time.


We will share opening details as soon as they are confirmed. All information in our automated calls will also be posted on our website. Stay tuned to the CPSB and T.S. Cooley websites to stay up to date with the latest information. We can't wait to reconnect with our T.S. Cooley families. Your continued support is appreciated. We are Cooley Strong! 




Virtual instruction for CPSB students begins Monday, September 28th. PLEASE VISIT WWW.CPSB.ORG FOR ALL DETAILED INFORMATION.

Odysseyware Login Information:
USERNAME: CPSB initials + Student ID
example: jd1234567

example: janedoe

Student ID numbers can be found by accessing the Student Progress Center, locating an old report card or progress report, or on the label that was attached to the first day packets that were shared at our drive through Meet & Greet.
Please email with any questions.

We can't wait to see everyone! We will post information about the physical opening of our school as soon as we have the details!




UPDATE: We do not have a physical return date for T.S. Cooley. We will have at least a 3 day notice before face to face instruction begins. Virtual instruction will begin Monday, September 28. Please read all information released by CPSB in the September 22 - Rebuilding Update for directions to access virtual instruction. Stay tuned to all CPSB outlets for further details. 



CPSB announced a school closure update yesterday, 8/29/20, that can be found at All schools and facilities are currently closed until further notice. Additional information will be released in the coming weeks.


We know that many of our families are considering temporarily enrolling their children in a new school. We will gladly welcome all current T.S. Cooley students back with open arms when our doors are able to open again. All families are advised to stay tuned to CPSB outlets for the latest information. 


We continue to extend our love, prayers and blessings to our T.S. Cooley families and our surrounding community. What we've experienced is daunting, but we truly believe in the strength of our teamwork.