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Thought For The Month

A ship in harbor is safe, but that’s not what ships are built for
-John Shedd

In this time of final exams as the semester draws to an end the stress and emotional levels are high for the students, faculty and staff alike.   As people we will be tested with stress, work,  financial situations and unforeseen life events that can hit us hard like a rogue wave to throw us off balance.   But just as a ship is built to recapture its balance and continue working forward through the storm to smoother waters, we as people are built to deal with turmoil and unanticipated life events and keep going to find peace once again at our destination.   So if you feel that on your journey you are in rough waters right now, just realize that the storm will pass soon enough and you will come out tested yet unscathed, because that is what you are built for.