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Scheduling Info During School Closure

Due to the forced school closure, all scheduling will take place through the mail.  I will mail out schedule request forms to current freshman-junior students that have the classes you must take alredy pre-entered.  In the instance that there is a choice between two classes (English IV vs English 101, World History vs World Geography, etc) you will select the one you want.  There will be a spot to put down your elective choices and if seniors want to take a half day.  I will include an envelope with the school address on it so you can mail it back once you and a parent sign it.  Incoming freshman for 2020-2021 will have a meeting scheduled in May or June for them and their parents to fill out Individual Graduation Plans and get a prospective schedule.  Info for that meeting will be mailed at in early May.  If you have specific scheduling questions, email them to me at and I will get back to you as soon as possible.  Schedules will be handed out at registration in August as usual and schedule changes can occur from that point on until 10 days after the start of school.  



Since the state sponsored ACT test for juniors has been at least put on hold for now, you need to register for a national ACT test date if you don't have the 19 composite, 19 math and 18 English scores needed or it you have never taken the ACT before.  Go to and create an account to register for the June 13 or July 18 test dates.  Registration for the two dates closes May 8 and June 19, respectively.  Our school code is 190-255.  


2020-2021 Freshman Students:

I put your Individual Graduation Plan (IGP) in the mail on Thursday, April 2.  There is a letter explaining what all is in your envelope, a page that explains the two diploma pathways (Jumpstart and University), and an IGP for each pathway.  The IGP's are green for Jumpstart and yellow for University.  I have written your name on the IGP I think most appropriate, based on your prior test history and grades.  You and your parent will need to sign above my name and return only the signed IGP in the included stamped envelope.  The rest of the information is for you to keep at home. There are instructions on what to do if you wish to follow the other pathway.  Students who choose to follow Jumpstart need to circle the highlighted part about which area they want-Ag, Business or Hospitality.  This will help me place youinto the proper electives.  University students, if you know what you want to major in, you can write it on the highlighted line but don't worry if you don't know yet.  

In the event, the ban on gatherings is lifted, I will schedule face to face meetings but for the time being we will do this by mail.  There isn't much choice for a freshman as far as electives go by the time the 4 core subjects and PE are scheduled.  University students will  have Spanish I if there are spots left over by the time I schedule upperclassmen.  That leaves only one elective open and depending on what hour it is, there may only be one choice.  Jumpstart students will have two electives and I will try to schedule universal electives such as Ag I, Speech, or Quest  in at least one of those spots and then another pathway elective in the other spot.  There will be time for you to question possible schedule changes once you get your schedule at registration so don't stress over your electives right now.  The most important thing is to return your IGP to me.  Thanks and stay safe!