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Mardi Gras Float Contest

1.Float must be constructed using a traditional cardboard shoebox no larger than 10”x13”x3”.

2.Decorations may not exceed 20” tall (measured from the bottom of the shoebox).

3.Floats may not have wheels, truck bodies, motorized toys, lights, electrical components, or a base larger than the shoebox.

4.Float must be the student’s own work. Parents may help with ideas and with handling any equipment that could be harmful to students (hot glue guns, knives, box cutters, etc.), but the actual building and decorating of the float should be done by the student.

5.Absolutely no identifying factors may be included in the decorations. Student’s name and homeroom teacher should be on the bottom of the float and not visible at all while viewing.

Float Due Date:
Monday, February 3rd!

Winners will be announced February 7th along with Mardi Gras Kings and Queens.

All floats will need to be brought home on Friday, February 7th, after the winners are announced.