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Waterford and SuccessMaker Home Access/Acceso a Waterford y Successmaker

If you want your child to be able to access Waterford at home please email tiffany.menard@cpsb. org, and you will receive an email with a link to Waterford home access. 
In the email please include your child's full name, homeroom teacher, and date of birth. Waterford is an online program for reading, math, and science. 
Students using Waterford were in the following classes: Kindergarten (Menier and Lafleur)  First grade (Aleshire and Marotto) 2nd grade (all teachers)  3-5 (beginner ELL students). You can send your child's name and we can let you know if they were on Waterford or Successmaker.

Here are a set of instructions for parents to be able to access Waterford at home.

Instructions in English

Instructions in Spanish

Students in grades 3-5 were in enrolled in Successmaker. Successmaker is an online program for reading and math. Their username and password is their student ID, if your child has forgotten their ID please email 
Link for SuccessMaker: