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4th Grade Recycling Project Information

 Gillis Elementary’s 4th graders have signed up for several recycling brigades. Please help us in our recycling efforts by collecting the items listed below. Some items may seem out of the ordinary for recycling, such as old mascara tubes, but they are accepted. Oddly enough, even make-up compacts with the mirrors still in them are accepted. We will be collecting these items all year. The items may be brought to my classroom or left outside my door in a Wal-Mart bag. Items may be empty or simply unwanted. No rinsing required. Thank you in advance for your recycling help.

Marla Baldwin


Items that we collect:

1)      Juice pouches (Capri Sun & Kool-Aid):  Be sure and drink the last sip before putting it in the white trash can in the cafeteria;

2)      Toothpaste tubes and caps, old toothbrushes, floss containers, and the outside packages;

3)      Personal Beauty Care-shampoo & conditioner bottles, hair gel, lotion, soap dispensers, face wash, make-up cases, and    mascara tubes;

4)      Ink jet & toner cartridges;

5)      Aluminum tab tops

Recyclables listed on this page can be brought to class on any day and placed in crates at the front of Mrs. Baldwin’s classroom (labeled by homeroom teacher).  Thank you for assisting in our recycling efforts.