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Registration and Online fee payment

Click on the links to access the online fee payment page for the appropriate school:

Iowa High School

Iowa Middle

Parent Student Progress Center Set-up

Parents/Guardians of students that attended Iowa High or Iowa Middle need to log in to Student Progress Center(SPC) to complete information for the upcoming school year.> A+ Student Progress Center (right side of page) -> Login -> Make selection (Upper right) -> Student Registration Update.

 If you do not have an account set-up to access SPC, contact school personnel as listed below. You may make changes to your phone number and mailing address through SPC.  Changing your physical address will require proof in the form of a lease or a bill from your electrical provider.  Documents may be scanned and uploaded.

Parents/Guardians of students that attended JI Watson or LeBleu Settlement 5th grade that plan to attend Iowa Middle may do the same.  

Students new to Iowa High or Iowa Middle that did not attend JIW, LeBleu or Iowa Middle need to enroll during new student registration.  Both student and parent/guardian need to be present.  Bring a copy of the student's birth certificate, social security card and most recent report card and/or transcript.  If applicable, bring a copy of the IEP or IAP and custody documentation.  Proof of residence in the Iowa High school zone in the form of an electric bill and one other bill with the physical address is required.  Parent ID must be presented.

Dates for new student registration (not from Iowa Middle) for grades 9-12 will be Thursday, August 1, 2024 from 11am-5pm.  New student registration (not from JIW or LSE) for grades 6-8 will be August 1st and 2nd from 9am-1pm.


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